Nail Polish in polka dots: a trend that you can easily repeat yourself!

August 5, 2016

New nail trends — nails speckled. Bright or pastel, glossy or matte — they can be loved, but most importantly, in polka dots! The best part is that unlike other trends in nail art, this can easily translate itself, not the name of special skills.

Manicure polka-dot won the hearts of fashionistas: Instagram is overflowing with pictures of beautiful nail art under the hashtag #polkadotmanic. We are not far behind! Especially for you we collected only the most beautiful and spectacular ideas nail art speckled.

Pastel shades or contrasting combinations — any “peas” would be appropriate, including manicure with white polka dots. Agree, this trend is truly summer in a cold season such “fun” on nails why you do not want, and now — at the time.

The polka dot manicure at home

In order to create such a design you don’t even have to go to the salon. How to make a polka dot manicure? Draw dots on the nails with a brush. If not there, then use a needle or a toothpick.

We have another life hack for the most inept. Paint your nails in one color and allow them to dry thoroughly. Then stick on the nail a normal patch with perforations — holes in it help you to make the perfect “peas”. Simply apply the varnish on top of the patch and gently remove it — done!

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