“My son needs to know how does the female body”. A single mother takes a shower with 8-year-old son

February 3, 2017

First they bathed together to save water and time, but now there are other reasons.

Their little family consists of only two people: herself and her eight-year-old son. The boy grew up without a father and is very close with her mother: the last four years together they take a bath. First, for reasons of economy of water and time, and now Deidre Goodwin sees other reasons:

“When Noah was 4 or 5 years old, he began to ask me questions about the differences between boys and girls. I tried to answer according to their age: “It’s body parts for girls and it – boys.” We discussed what is allowed to touch and what not. I didn’t want to he was ashamed of his naked body.

Now that he is older, the questions became less, but I try to not make it a secret. I see him naked, when help him get dressed, and he sees how I’m dressed. He knows that in front of others mom wears clothes, and I know he will follow my example.

Noah loves when I let him take a shower with me. This most often happens when I’m tired at work and going to bed at the same time. But frequently he bathes himself: Noah loves water and can stay in the tub until the water gets cold.

Comprehensive education of the son seems to be very important, I believe that he needs to know what is the real female body: from the fat folds, stretch marks and other imperfections. So he will respect women and not be ashamed of their own shortcomings.

I don’t want to represent Noah about women consisted of catalogs of lingerie, movies and (eventually) porn. An example for me was Noah’s grandmother on the paternal side she often went without clothes in the family, in particular, in the presence of her four sons and grandchildren.

My mom is still shocked by the fact that I don’t hide nudity from my son. She raised two sons and never let them see you without clothes. Some of my friends do not agree with my opinion, but they understand that I don’t care.

I do not embellish a reality for my son. When we went to the dentist, and Noah asked if he was hurt, I replied that may be a little blood, but then the tooth will cease to ache. The dental assistant was shocked – they don’t say the word “blood” in front of the kids, and call it “tomato juice”. Are you serious? The last thing I want is that Noah believed the blood of tomato juice.

As a single mother, I want to prepare the son to life so well, as soon as I can. And I don’t want him to feel ashamed to ask me any questions, especially when we are talking about his body or sexuality. With such topics it needs to go to mother.”

Source: goodhousekeeping.com Anna Stachura

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