July 1, 2016

Purée in French means puree i.e. products should be rubbed in the mushy state. The French were the progenitors of this type of meals and sharing with us the idea of making soup out of almost any products you can use vegetables, fruits, meat and fish. A special taste is given by adding fresh cream and grated cheese.

What attracted us soups? The answer is simple: their delicate texture that warms the stomach and gives a feeling of comfortable fullness. Nutritionists say that the soup is very healthy dish for not only people with problems or diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as for everyone who cares about their health, for children and for sitting on a diet people. Recommended every few days to cook pureed soups.

Housewives around the world can’t get enough of the appearance of the kitchen technical div – slow cooker and Blender. So even the most busy working women will not find reason to deny your family to prepare such tasty and healthy meals.

Today we will prepare in the slow cooker mushroom soup puree of mushrooms or as it is called cream soup. Thanks to the use of this wonderful technique to the method of simmering foods in the Russian stove, the soup will be very flavorful, satisfying and insanely delicious.

Mushrooms can take any, frozen suseni, fresh. The main thing that you were sure in their safety. For children, and for ourselves too, it is better to cook mushroom soup puree of fresh mushrooms, since they do not exactly have been collected near urban highways or of a plant for the production of chemicals.

Recipe of mushroom soup “la purée”


• fresh or frozen mushrooms – half a kilogram;

• raw peeled potatoes – 300 gr.;

• onions – 2 medium pieces;

• carrots – 1 medium piece;

• fresh cream, it is better to choose a fat content of 15-20% – 200 gr.;

• hard cheese, grated on a fine grater – 100 gr.;

• vegetable oil – 2 tbsp for frying;

• salt, pepper, seasoning mushroom, greens – to taste.

If you’ve bought more mushrooms than I need for the recipe – feel free to put them in the freezer. They will not lose taste and its beneficial properties, and your family even in winter can enjoy mushroom, aromatic, warming the body and soul of your soup cooking.

Step by step recipe

1. Mushrooms rinse well with cold water, slice thinly.

2. Onions and carrots cut into small cubes.

3. To choose the mode of “frying” or “baking” for 15 minutes, fry them with vegetable oil all vegetables except mushrooms until Golden brown, add the mushrooms and fry for another 10 minutes.

4. Potatoes cut into cubes, add in the roasted mixture, add the water to the surface was barely covered. On the “soup” cook 15-20 minutes until cooked potatoes.

5. Drain off half of liquid in a Cup, blender right in the pot grind until a homogeneous puree, as needed add broth.

6. Put the mushroom purée into the “baking” for 10 minutes with the lid open. Stir to a boil. If you like to use a mushroom seasoning, it’s time to add it.

7. After boiling, pour in the cream and thoroughly combine.

After a signal about the readiness pour into plates or bowls, sprinkle with chopped herbs, grated cheese, add salt and pepper to taste and garnish with half of a mushroom. Voila, mushroom soup “la purée” is ready to hit you with its taste. Bon appetit!

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