More fat less waist. The pros and cons of diet on the fatty foods

August 11, 2016

Fat diet invented by a Polish nutritionist Ian Kwasniewski, who for more than 30 years studying the principles of healthy eating. Want to lose weight and keep the weight off? Eat meat, bacon, and more eggs – that’s the main principle of the diet. And the amazing thing is that it works!

The main rule of fat diet

Let’s start with the fact that power, which is based on the increased consumption of animal fats, the system is quite controversial, and could be recommended not all. Here are the main principles which are advised to adhere to the author, Jan Kwasniewski.

1. Eat only in a relaxed environment and chew food.

  • Do not be distracted while eating. It is impossible to read, watch the news or a movie, preferably not even to talk.

  • After eating relax for 15 minutes to give the body a chance to properly digest your food. After that you can start to your daily life.

  • Sport can be practiced not earlier than in 2-3 hours after a meal.

2. It is recommended to eat nutritious foods that delight provide the body with energy. What is all this stuff? First of all, this meat (and offal – liver, lungs, kidneys, heart), eggs, milk, cheese, cream, fat. In small quantities allowed bread (preferable homemade bread, not store-bought), flour and pasta, vegetables. But fruits Jan Kwasniewski recommends deletion. He believes that a great amount of fiber harms digestion because it is too rough food.

3. There is a need to tight enough, 2-3 times a day, without snacking.

Sample menu for a day on the fat diet

Breakfast: scrambled Eggs or omelette of 3 eggs + a slice of toasted bread, unsweetened tea.

Lunch: 150 g fried pork, a few boiled potatoes, 1 cucumber.

Dinner: Kwasniewski claims that after a hearty Breakfast, lunch and dinner will need to not all. But if you’re hungry, eat pancakes, drink a glass of milk or cream.

Pros fat diet

1. Psychological relief. If earlier you were trembling, hearing the words “fat”, “cream” or “bacon”, you’ll probably change your mind about these products, after sitting for a few days on fat diet. And when some products are moving from the restricted to the permitted category, an increased interest in them is gradually eroding. The result over time people get used to a balanced diet in which you eat whatever you want, but in reasonable quantities.

2. The lack of hunger. Those who adhere to the system fat food, fasting is not necessary, it is exact.

3. Clear diet, without many snacks, and the menu is fairly simple. You don’t have to search the supermarkets expensive exotic products. Everything that is allowed on fat diet, you can easily buy in the nearest shop and not go broke.

Cons of fat diet

1. Fatty diet can hardly be attributed to the systems balanced diet. With this diet the body gets a lot of animal proteins and fats, but fat, uglevodov and vegetable proteins are almost there. Such a diet can lead to malfunction of the liver and gastrointestinal tract, and increase the level of cholesterol in the blood.

2. Fat diet lose weight not all. Usually, this diet lose weight those who are used to endlessly snack throughout the day. If you are starting to eat strictly by the hour 2-3 times a day, the amount of calories has been unavoidably reduced, and the weight is gradually disappearing.

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