Modification of the two-bedroom Khrushchev

February 2, 2017

The authors of this interior designers Buro Brainstorm, not only managed to remake a typical apartment in the building for four months, but also to relieve her mistress of fear of repairs.

“We are working with a small apartment and I have nothing against furniture from IKEA always bring the sketches to implementation and undertake the management of the project — say the designers. Tatiana, the owner of the apartment, I saw photos of one of our projects and came to us with the words: “Judging from the pictures, I like what you like””.
It is no secret that weaknesses Khrushchev considered small kitchen, walk-through room and lack of space for storage. But they can be removed most of the partitions and build a new one.
To increase the usable space, designers Buro Brainstorm used both approaches:

  • the kitchen combined with the living room, but both rooms are left isolated;
  • from the front door to organized walk-in closet opposite built a functional long corridor, where he placed a number of cabinets.

From: Buro Brainstoorm Moscow – to See more photos of interior design

Entrance hall

For finishing used practical materials: all the walls are covered with wear-resistant paint, which withstands active service, including with the use of brushes. The granite at the entrance laid on the diagonal to animate the geometry of space.

From: Buro Brainstoorm – Find new interior design: design ideas

Wardrobes in the corridor, arranged in two tiers, and a niche between the upper and lower level works as an additional surface for storage or display of paintings, statues and other details. For clothing in a constructive niche provides an open hanger.

From: Buro Brainstoorm – Find new interior design: hallways, Scandinavian style

The upper cabinets are not as deep as the bottom, which is logical, because every person is broader in the shoulders. In addition to roomy “stuffing” cabinets endowed with ornamental potential: under the glass facades can be placed on any substrate. The easiest way to use Wallpaper with an active pattern and from time to time to change them — this technique helps to redecorate for the season, add paint or, conversely, to create a more relaxed design without unnecessary spending.

Author: Buro Brainstoorm – See photos of interior design: design ideas

The first section in a series of racks situated opposite the entrance to the living room: this configuration allows to Supplement the storage space for stocks of food, which the hostess may not be enough in a small kitchen.
Cabinets end short of 80 cm to the walls of the wardrobe: at this step, the authors of the project went deliberately to leave room for a large mirror in a dressing room. “We looked at several options as to zone a dressing room, and won textile partition: it budget than the door, with a small wardrobe room is well ventilated.

Author: Buro Brainstoorm – See more interior solutions: design ideas


The configuration of the kitchen required to make maximum use of the area, which in the Khrushchev is never enough. Front kitchen, l-shaped configuration adjacent one side of the window. This technique helps to effectively engage the outside wall, which usually remains “irrelevant”, and implement the scenario in which the work in the kitchen becomes not only a chore. In the end, while washing dishes look nicer in a window than in a remote kitchen facade or wall.

Author: Buro Brainstoorm – See photos of interior design: design ideas in classic style

However, to organize the sink at the window, it had a little bit to close from below to raise the lower level of the wing: now worktop arranged at 90 cm from the floor, and the countertop was a continuation of the sill. Cooking surface with a width of 45 cm enables you to cook and saves space. Between oven and built-in refrigerator provided in section the bottle holders to separate the hot zone from the cold.

Author: Buro Brainstoorm – Other interior solutions: design ideas

Living room

Living isolated from the hallway, it is easy to convert to a guest bedroom or otherwise dispose of the space, if the family composition changes. After the dismantling of internal walls of a living room combined with kitchen. Shiroudi element supports is that transition flooring in the kitchen used more practical compared to a parquet Board keramogranit. The ceiling is complemented by sound-absorbing plate covered with drywall: so the sponsors got the chance to mount a hidden curtain rods and embed the backlight.

Author: Buro Brainstoorm – See photos of interior design: living room in classic style

One of the most unusual features – the so-called “system-hotel”, leaving, the landlord can turn off all the lights by pressing one button. It is very convenient and budget lifehack: the price is 400 rubles per relay, plus a few extra meters of wire when you strip electirc, it is important to control the builders.
Also in the interior in addition to overhead lighting used a lot of local sources (lamps, fixtures), which creates an extraordinary atmosphere. Specially for such scenarios, the walls are placed “active sockets”: the voltage on them is fed through the normal switch. And if such an outlet insert, for example, a floor lamp, it can be switched on and off directly from the door to the room without bending down each time in search of a switch on the wire, lying on the floor.”

From: Buro Brainstoorm – Find original photos of interior design: design ideas

One of the main findings for the living room area — chandelier-transformer: mount moving left to right, back and forth, and the lampshade can be adjusted in height. “Three degrees of freedom” to adjust to different scenarios and activities including, for example, the luminaire can move behind a dining table, to the hostess if guests are coming and the table must be moved to another location.

Author: Buro Brainstoorm – Other interior solutions: design ideas


The second room is decorated in calm colours with solar accents and is designed for relaxation. The closest walk-in closet in the bedroom didn’t even have to install cabinets. Free wall give the opportunity to decorate a room according to the taste of the lady — for example, to organize a private art gallery.

From: Buro Brainstoorm – Find new interior design: design ideas

Fun fact: ornamental Wallpaper in the bedroom is the most expensive finishing materials in the apartment the owner chose them herself, spending almost two weeks searching for a suitable option.

The sill is made from standard plastic, and… kitchen countertops — wide enough and sturdy, so it was able to sit and read.

From: Buro Brainstoorm – Find original photos of interior design: design ideas


Although the interior was created for a couple, bathroom was decided not to merge. An important issue is the location of the washing machine to fit into small sizes, chose the model with vertical loading. Machine width is only 45 cm For greater comfort bath Roca Continental set slightly below the traditional level: the rim is at a height of 50 cm from the floor. And even down near the floor along the bathroom made a niche for feet with a depth of 10 cm, which helped quite a small room become more comfortable.

From: Buro Brainstoorm – Find new interior design: the bathrooms in Scandinavian style

Shelf for cosmetics in the wet zone is organized as niches, which are easy to care for, and are quite high — so that they almost do not fall and do not accumulate there water. The area between cleanser and bath designers included a small wall, decorated with contrasting mosaic, which can be used as an extra shelf.

Author: Buro Brainstoorm – Other interior solutions: the bathrooms in Scandinavian style

Small bathroom no sense entirely oblitsevat tiles.
Hygienic shower combined with a special faucet for the sink, which is very convenient and can save money. The picture on the front wall closes a secret door, behind which are located the counters and taps.

Author: Buro Brainstoorm – More design ideas: design ideas

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