Models plus-sized: we still lie

February 1, 2017

It seems that all have become accustomed to the models plus-size in the fashion industry, new photos of Tess Holliday ceased to cause holivar in comments, and, in General, we ought to accept the thesis of “Love yourself for who you are, because we are all beautiful” as the truth. But was not accepted. Because we were deceived again.

Plastic girl

We must admit that the development of modern technology played with the fashion industry and media a cruel joke. Early in the century women were asked to strive to flawlessly beautiful, but still live models, a decade later, the ideal of beauty was a doll: so retouchers played in creating an ideal image of what a real, live woman for him just left. Ironed to a plastic skin, figure, arguing with the laws of anatomy, and a porcelain face, completely devoid of facial expressions, are the new ideal of beauty. This time, unattainable. No natural gifts, no sport, no healthy food, no treatments — nothing else was able to help the woman to get closer to the glossy ideal, it is simply unattainable. Nuts tightened too tight and the threads tore predictable: every action is a reaction, and a gloss generated bodypositive — the idea of returning women to their real, living body, with all its shortcomings.

We are just tired of the chronic stress caused by the endless pursuit of unattainable imposed by us standards, and the standards, meanwhile, is so far removed from real life that began to seem comical.

But we, what kind, and in fact would cease to endlessly consume all the money, sells us the perfect plastic look, and this industry could not allow. And then, a model plus-size.

Give us back our bodies!

The idea of emergence in glossy magazines and on the catwalks models”non-standard” dimensions were totally revolutionary, but it is frighteningly logical, well why should we propose to look at the clothes the size the majority of the female population of the planet last time I wore in puberty, was, like, thirteen? It just defies common sense! This is common sense, backed up by the ideas of feminism and bodypositive, and forced the industry to offer us a new standard: a woman who wears a clothing size different from XS, but she is beautiful, and most importantly — happy and wants nothing in itself to change, not willing to break yourself for the sake of fashion. We said”Give us back our bodies!”, and models plus-size it’s made.

“I will not allow others to dictate how it should look like my body, and you shouldn’t,” says Ashley Graham, one of the most successful models, and starred in advertising without retouching.

Young Barbie Ferreira is also removed without photoshop and it asks its followers on Instagram to remember is that any body should be treated with love and respect. Icon bodypositive Tess Holliday does not get tired to remind society that people with excess weight is not necessarily ugly, unhappy or sick. But even she is not honest with his audience. All this is another Scam.

Another unattainable ideal

The beauty of the models plus-size has no relation to real life, as pronounced by them, slogans. We say “any Beautiful woman”, but at the same time again impose unattainable ideals: it’s all the same model parameters, just now of other sizes, and everything else remained the same. Models plus-size always lean, perfectly sculpted face. Of course, there is a certain percentage of women whose fat tissue is almost not deposited on the face, but this percentage is quite insignificant. Models simply remove a so-called fatty lumps bisha (due to what get sunken cheeks), doing liposuction of the chin (due to what the second chin disappears), and then grind the result with the help of makeup and photoshop. Voila — we see a perfect person and never will be ordinary women.

Each model is a woman with a figure like X — her lush Breasts, long thin waist, flat stomach, cool hip, long legs and round ass. A perfect figure!

There are no models type shape when fat is mainly deposited at the waist and abdomen. There are no models with the figure of type T — with large shoulders and narrow hips. Conventional models — Yes, there are, and plus-size — never: we say that a body with a large amount of fat can be attractive only when it fits the strict standard: the girl-X, and nothing else!

The photo shoot allegedly without photoshop, we can see cellulite on the hips and folds at the waist model is another deception: the Retouch on these pictures, of course, present — models somehow always perfectly smooth skin no single hair distracts from hair and folds of skin are present only at the waist — the rest of the body perfectly smooth, and even wrinkles do not exist. The result is almost the same a perfect picture with a couple of “flaws”, which only emphasize the perfection of everything else. What is the result?

All are beautiful except you

This leads us to the same result: no woman size plus size, looking for patterns, not feeling beautiful. On the contrary — her imposed sense of inferiority is exacerbated: before she understood that she was not to achieve a model of the ideal simply because nature has given her a completely different body type, and besides, she knew that the beautiful pictures from magazines exist only in magazines and have no relation to real life.

What she sees now? She sees incredibly, inhumanly beautiful women big size. She is also big size, but to achieve standards of beauty of the models plus-size it is impossible!

She doesn’t want to wear the clothes they advertise, because the type shape Of the dress sits as the figure type X: she looks at herself in the mirror and feels ugly. That sits perfectly on the models with flat tummies and tight thighs, her figure stretched in one place and slack folds in the other. She’s taking a selfie and sees the second chin and chubby cheeks, and Instagram, plus-size models showing her chiseled face with high cheekbones (taken, naturally, with the best view). She feels that now all women in the world beautiful — except for her even with a large weight can be a dazzling beauty, but she, unfortunately, is not given. What does it mean?

This means that nothing has changed: she runs again for an unattainable ideal, simultaneously leaving their money in the pockets of industry.

The world shook himself and stood back on track: we again say that we’re all terribly ugly and with it an urgent need to do something. But now it is served with sauce “Love yourself”. No, in any case not lose more weight, you look great and so! Well, almost perfect. It remains only to Polish you all over from head to foot, and perhaps still remove fat from the abdomen, increase Breasts and ass, to tighten the muscles, smoothen the skin, raise the cheekbones, to involve the cheeks, emphasize the lips… Well, you know. Forward to the beauty, baby!

All bodies are beautiful, but some beautiful

The most unpleasant in all this is that the models themselves are plus-size constantly recite slogans in the spirit of bodypositive — love yourself for who you are; every body is beautiful; don’t let anyone put boundaries invented beauty; – but you, yourself, are in a fictional framework. The model of the past era was at least honest: they just talked about what their bodies — the result of exhausting work and rigid constraints, and to achieve this may not each. The world is unfair, nothing can be done. But the modern world is filled with ideas of feminism, more about myself doesn’t want to hear that we are tired to suffer and feel inferior, we wanted to truly love myself.

And we immediately slipped the same dish but a different sauce, but now is a particularly cynical hoax: a perfectly beautiful woman (that is, fits perfectly into the new standards of beauty) tells us that it has overcome the pressure of the standards and love the real you. You don’t say! Wow, what a heroism — like the new ideal, which can never reach the billions of women. Bravo!

What you want to convey to us by using models plus-size is the same deception. Just before us on the forehead said, “Models are beautiful, but you can’t do something with us!”, and now you say “Even women large size can be beautiful but you’re ugly, do something with us!”. Previously, the standard of beauty was one, now two of them — that makes all the difference. The slogan “love yourself” still means “do what you want, but in the standard itises!”. Of course, none of this has any relation to the actual acceptance of yourself, your body, your beauty. It is important to understand in the moment when you compare yourself with an ideal lady plus-size, and feel beautiful enough. Before you just blew out the shiny new bubble that could burst in the same way as the previous one, and this is probably only a matter of time. Materials


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