Michelle Obama isn’t here for Donald Trump’s White House ethics

October 5, 2017

Former First Lady Michelle Obama isn’t keeping quiet.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama isn’t keeping quiet.

On Tuesday, the political activist headed to the Pennsylvania Conference for Women where she participated in an interview with Scandal creator Shonda Rhimes.

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During their session, Obama reflected on her time in the White House, but also took a moment to address what’s currently going on under the Trump administration.

“For the last eight years, we had a standard of ethics, a lot of constraints. What it means to have a commander-in-chief that actually upholds the standards of the White House,” she joked and was met with cheers from the audience, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Obama moved on to specifically address the challenges women face today.

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“We as women feel like we have to be perfect all of the time. We worry too much about that. Women, minorities, the bars are different,” she said. “We experienced that over the last eight years. The bar just kept moving. We’re seeing that now, quite frankly. That bar is just—,” she continued, as she stopped and lowered her hand, figuratively implying that Trump and his administration have lowered the bar of ethics in government.

She then moved on and provided some uplifting words for women fighting for change. “It’s amazing to watch. I want women to pay attention, because this is what happens when we don’t stand up,” she said. “We give our seats to those who [society says] are supposed to be there, because of the stereotypes of what power and success is supposed to be.”

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