Mental decline in women starts earlier than we thought

February 1, 2017

Mental acuity is declining already since 50 years and we need to do something.

For anybody not a secret that with age our ability to think may be compromised. But if previously, scientists believed that it begins in much the retirement age, after 60, but now they have new data.

It was summed up years of study, which involved more than 2,000 women. Watched them since the age of 40 years old until 60. Every two years women volunteers gave tests to assess their level of cognitive abilities (memory, intelligence, ability to learn new).

According to the researchers, immediately after 50 years, cognitive abilities decrease by about 2% every two years.

“It would be very convenient to blame it all on hormones and menopause, but we did not find any correlation with these factors,” — said the head of the group Dr. Arun of Karlamangla, Professor of medicine at the University of California and lead author of the study.

Special interest scientists that the speed reduction abilities were in women of different. Yet they are not prepared to give a definite answer, but it is assumed that accelerates the aging mind high cholesterol and blood sugar.
On the contrary, the moderation in food and commitment to healthy eating allows you to keep the mind clear longer.

In addition, cognitive ability has a direct impact load on the brain. If you need to regularly perform complex tasks, to learn or to learn something new, it keeps your mind in good shape.

On the contrary, the monotony of your daily tasks — dulls.

According to the materials huffingtonpost Ekaterina Sarycheva

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