July 1, 2016

There are many options of cooking soup with meatballs. Can be classic and diet, with cereals, cheese and tomato meatball soup, each recipe of this soup has several variations. This dish is very loved by both adults and children. Soup doesn’t require much time for preparation, and is especially valuable for the busy business women. Let’s begin with the classic recipe.


• minced beef, pork, chicken or Turkey, mixed – 400 g,

• potatoes – 4 PCs. medium size

• chicken egg – 2 PCs,

• medium size carrots – 2 PCs,

• onions medium size – 2 PCs

• oil and butter for a roast,

• green onions, parsley, dill,

• salt, pepper, Bay leaf to taste.

Method of preparation

To start preparing the meatballs. In forcemeat add the grated or in a blender onions and eggs. Salt, pepper. Carefully vymeshivayut. Better ground for meatballs to cook for 0,5-1 hour before cooking soup. These components are well saturated and will create a homogeneous mass. After this time making meatballs. If we do not intend to freeze them for preparations for the future, it is best to immediately throw into boiling salted water.

Potatoes my, clean and cut into cubes small size and add to soup. If you are not a fan of roast, meatball soup (photo can be seen below) is prepared in this way. Carrots and onions cleaned, wash and cut carrots into sticks and the onion into small cubes. Throw in the soup after the potatoes. After 5-10 minutes, add the butter. For those who prefer vegetables to fry, you need to stew them in a pan in a mixture of butter and vegetable oil.

Finely chop green onions, parsley and dill. Add them 5 minutes before it is ready, in the same way as Bay leaf.


Different options of cooking soup with meatballs

Hardly even one first dish has so many cooking options such as soup with meatballs. Photos, the recipe of all these dishes is not difficult to find.

1. Meatballs cook of fish, and to be listed in the classic version ingredients, add grated on a coarse grater cells processed cheese.

2. Additional product in the soup is pumpkin. It is cut into medium-sized cubes, fry in butter and add to soup before

3. Add in meatballs and white bread – they will be softer.

4. In the soup you can add pasta or barley.

5. Meatballs can be made from meat and rice.

6. When cooking a roast, add tomato juice or paste.

7. Add in zazharku tomatoes.

8. Together with greens added to a soup of fresh pepper.

Some advice prepare the soup with meatballs

1. Very rescue of the workpiece meatballs for future use. Cooked balls of the same size, lay out on a Board or in a flat container, with baking paper. Meatballs should not be placed close to each other, so as not stuck together. Put in the freezer. Once the balls are frozen, take them out, put in bags and put in the freezer.

2. We should not immediately consumed freshly made soup with meatballs. It needs to stand 10-15 minutes with the lid closed.

3. Meatballs should not be large, the optimal size of 2-3 cm in diameter. The soup is cooked quickly and the fat will be more dense.

4. If meatballs are first fried and then add to the soup, the dish is tastier and more aromatic.

Choose an appropriate recipe and enjoy the soup with meatballs.

Bon appetit!

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