“Me and my friend Labradoodle”. The friendship of a little boy with a dog will form the basis of the book

December 1, 2016

Their touching relationship is warm thousands of hearts around the world. Three-year-old boy and his four-legged friend Reagan met when both were little, and never parted.

They’re both adopted: baby buddy’s parents adopted when he was 11 months and puppy Reagan (a mix of Labrador and poodle) took home an eight-week. Was it the role in an incredibly intimate relationship between child and dog, we don’t know, but more funny and touching stories for photos it is difficult to imagine.

Reagan shakes his buddy on the swings, drinking him milk from a Cup, putting to bed, in a word – do not leave it for a minute. The daily adventures of this couple following on Instagram of more than one hundred thousand people. The account @Reagandoodle leads grandma buddy, sandy, Sviridoff.

“It is so incredibly cute that I can’t share it,” she says.

From sandy has accumulated so many photos that the family decided to publish a book on the friendship of buddy and Reagan. In addition to photos from Instagram, it will include pictures never been published.

“We want to bring to book all the photos from their first meeting two years ago to the present moment. This story is an example of the strong and touching friendship of all, which I have met,” says sandy.

The family plans to publish a book next year and spread on the Internet. All proceeds from the sale will go to Fund assistance to families caring for foster children.

“We are very happy that Reagan will be able thus to play a role in many people’s lives, bring them joy. He is a very friendly dog! In his life there was not one creature that he didn’t like. Take it to the house was one of the best decisions in our lives.”

Source: mirror.co.uk Anna Stachura

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