Maybe you are too old to buy furniture at IKEA? Test yourself

January 13, 2017

Frequency of shopping in this store depends on the age.

Like us and without that knowledge it was easy to furnish an apartment. Well, we know it, now live with it and you.

Winston Churchill is credited with saying: “If you 15 years was not a radical, you have no heart. If by 60 you were not a conservative you have no brain”.

As it turned out, about the love of furniture from IKEA, you can say the same.

A new study, which was attended by 43 thousand people of different ages, showed that the love for cute but simple cabinets from this store goes with age.

The peak of passion to IKEA at the age from 25 to 34 years. What, in General is clear: in this age people are just starting to live separately in rented apartments, or just to acquire their (at best). Money from the yesterday’s students are not many, and those over 30 not so much (went kids).

What ikeevskoy furniture in fact is not the cheapest, in this age people still do not understand.

But 34-35 starts in a sharp loss of interest in the store, the Swedish furniture and meatballs. Work most stable, the children grew up, fuss is no longer necessary. There is a time to reflect on the situation slowly.

And people this age begin to divide sharply into two categories: those who go to buy expensive luxury furniture (look, my life is good) and those who understand that the furniture can be custom made from standard furniture boards or even make it with their hands. And it will be comparable to IKEA, but much more individually.

Where on this scale of consumer interest are you?

According to the materials of Ekaterina Sarycheva

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