Maxim Leonids: Take the initiative and the man will thank you for that

January 20, 2017

This year Maxim Leonidov turns 55. On this occasion, on 15 February, the musician arranges a big concert in St. Petersburg.

Maxim, the concert will be solo?

Will the solo program, “secretase” songs, there will be different surprises and unexpected things. On stage there will be my old friends – Makarevich, Courtney, Margulis, Irina Medvedeva, Nikolay Fomenko… In General, I hope that will be great.

Such date is near Valentine’s Day – coincidence? Or still going to sing about love?

As once said John Lennon, all my songs are about love, no matter what.

In your relationship with your wife as well?

We Alexandra 14 years together, and our relationships on any front become stronger and better, like good wine. Of course, the first romance can’t last forever, but that’s the whole point, to be replaced by a stronger relationship. If you come. Sometimes it’s not, right? But we were lucky.

Tell me why you think nature intended feelings of jealousy?

This proprietary feeling of ancient times. Perhaps, in order to avoid incest in tribes, each individual belonged to a female individual male. And now all the jealousy mixed with ambition, human ego, is the main engine. Remove ego and jealousy are removed. But such people are few, we are all sinners, jealous, all experience that feeling.

And how to be with him?

Do not give your partner reason to, otherwise life can become hell. Although there are people who like to freak out constantly experience the discomfort, the struggle, they feel that emotion is missing in my life. But I’m not one of them.

On the forums sometimes women advise each other if the relationship had cooled off, to cause jealousy especially: to buy a bouquet of flowers, for example, or pointrigovat husband… would You be impressed?

This is stupid. Alesha kortneva is a great song: “If the wife is no longer you want to, have a wife is funny to wear. Fins and mask fire will become the wife desired”. So, better to experiment, not afraid of anything, no erotic fantasies. Embody them, and the man will thank you. You can do without a diving suit, the main thing – take the initiative. The man was so tired to answer for everything, so if you will make steps towards you for it will be only grateful, believe me!

Maria Vasilyeva

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