Master class: swimming pool in the country

July 13, 2016

If you have close to no garden pond, in the heat probably have tight. We’ll show you how to make a real country pool home, bathed, and other people die of envy!

Pool with their hands

Before starting the construction of the pool, select a suitable location. It is best if it is:

  • Clay or other dense soil,

  • A place with no adjacent trees that grow roots under the pool, and it will throw the leaves,

  • A place with a deep enough groundwater to wash the bottom

  • Not a very windy place.

There are two options for creating the pool in the country: to buy ready-ground capacity, or to build a swimming pool yourself. The finished inflatable or collapsible pool has its advantages:

  1. It is cheaper easier to install: the wooden or brick flooring, top of the pool.

  2. Already thought out drainage system, etc. – less of a problem.

  3. In the winter it can be folded up or blow away and storing.

The disadvantages of such a pool – a small amount of water and fragility. So if the climate allows and there is space, you can make our house is full pool.

How to make an inexpensive pool

The easiest way to make a rectangular pool, which is easier to maintain and the design than the curved shape. If you intend swimming adults and small children, you can make close to two baths of different depths. There are ready-made versions of these bowls, but they are significantly more expensive than the pour itself.

Most often the bowl of the pool is poured concrete, but you can put it concrete or polystyrene blocks.

  1. Dig a pool to 50-60 cm deeper than the desired depth. Manually doing it long and hard, it is better to pay for the rental of an excavator with a driver.

  2. Fill the center of the vessel drainage (gravel), then all bottom top 20-cm layer of sand on top of gravel.

  3. Place of communication for the pool, pour a 5 cm layer of concrete, then put the reinforcement mesh and after 3-4 days add another 15 cm of concrete, level screed. The bottom is ready.

  4. If the walls are also poured concrete, install wooden formwork. For blocks it is not needed. Strengthening the reinforcement is necessary in any case. Don’t forget to leave holes for drainage.

  5. Lay out walls and approaches thereto, install the ladder. Provide a Central location for filtration system.

Finishing can be performed tile by tile, mosaic, PVC film, each option has its pros and cons. Tile is cheaper, but can crack. Mosaic looks nice, but expensive and periodically need to be repaired. The film is convenient, but it is enough for a couple of years.

In winter, the pool can be closed with film or wooden flooring.

If over time, the pool will no longer be needed, in its place you can build a house or outbuildings with a basement – the gift of space is not lost!

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