Maria Shukshina: “I’m learning to love people as my father”

February 3, 2017

Actress, TV presenter, mother of many children – Maria Shukshina well knows, when the women come peace, harmony and true love.

Home: Maria, what is happening now in your life, what projects are, what to prepare?

Maria Shukshina: everything In life is perfect, she hits a key, just finished shooting the series “the Silver pine forest” for the First channel. It’s a family Saga with elements of mystery and melodrama, the action takes place in the 80-ies, before the arrival of Gorbachev, the end of Soviet life. In the center of events – the couple and their three adult sons. I have an interesting role mother of the family, of a military wife. She’s a journalist, works in the “Literary Gazette,” and at home she is a man’s world, all characters, all the problems, and she tries to gently guide in the right direction. In General, the ideal, intelligent woman.

TO: What will be remembered for these shots?

MSH: for Example, the fact that 80% of my screen costumes we got from my mom. She has besieged the childhood she never threw anything away, and it is in excellent condition with all of its beautiful and, as it turned out, again, the actual stuff from the 80’s. there was also fashion wear “oversize”, huge shoulders and wide silhouettes. Since my heroine is a wife of a General, then of course she dresses better than the average woman of the period. And my mom was able to afford it, plus she was a big fashionista and “birch” bought some very interesting things. Natasha Konevskaya, costume designer, said that the mom’s yellow suit with a skirt – brand Prada and plaid blazer with a blouse under the neck is Balenciaga.

TO: AND character the heroine of the 80s is different from modern women?

MSH: When I read the script, pay attention to how much she, a working woman, thinks of home, of sons, daughters-in-law. Now more and more women do business, so unfortunately, for a family-not enough time. Then guilt because the children grew up. And grew up not the way you wanted…

Start this to solve the situation, someone manages to catch up, some don’t.

And at that time, I think women could and work, and educate. And they were very feminine! For example, my heroine we never wear trousers, despite the fact that she is Deputy editor – only skirts, dresses.

And stacking is necessary. Our time women’s life easier – no pain. I gather up the hair in a ponytail or even popping up, not combing: I have naturally big curl, and if you touch the comb, all will be straightened and will hang. After a shower, simply collect hair in a bun on top and they dry out, rising from the root. Hairdryer or some almost never use it, it spoils the hair.

TO: How do you feel in this day and age? Do you need it?

MSH: I remember Well: I’m 22, I just graduated from the faculty of foreign languages at the Institute Maurice Thorez and worked on the commodity exchange. And we girls talk about at what age we would like to stay. I am the only one said, “How I wish, that I soon was forty.”

I actually always admired forty-year old women. Well, really, because in twenty, thirty no mind, no experience, continuous search, error, feeling the way, some glimpses, still not clear…

And after forty you have a cool experience rolls over, you’re already self-sufficient, and most importantly – quiet. Remember, “happiness On earth, but there is peace and freedom”, this is true you at some point catches up. And then life steeper and steeper, and beauty at the same time with you if you do it.

TO: you, by the way, have any?

MSH: a need to support but not radical, I do not accept plastic. Cosmetology is a great thing, mesotherapy, hyaluronic acid done wonders. I go to the hospital, where the doctors are very careful. Because God forbid you lose your face, for me it’s a disaster, I don’t recognize myself in the mirror. And how to do it? Will have to think not about how she plays and what she did face, why is her eyebrows not raised and his forehead frowns. I love the naturalness in everything.

For example, diets are not for me. Because it is violence against the body, and as soon as I start to make, I immediately resist. No, better to reasonable limitations. Salt before the shooting not to eat, because I drink a lot and face swollen so that the screen will not fit. Rolls I long ago stopped loving, but if a sweet tooth, allow yourself a good cake – and only in the first half of the day.

TO: A in sports what kind of relationship?

MSH: I’m not a sporty person, never in my life did. But the age starts things dictate. You want to stay young, beautiful mother, grandmother, actress, and if this effort is not required, but now they need to make. And in my near future projects, which is important for good form. Recently start shooting the series for the British channel, where my character does yoga, in another project I appear on the beach in a swimsuit, the third role involves serious physical exertion. In General, when the circle came together, I found myself in Pilates studios, where he discovered the sport, and after six months you see the results. I feel great, I forgot about back pain.

Pilates creates muscular frame, changing posture, gait – I loved it! And around noticed the change. (Photos by Maria from the Studio Pilates + the recommendations of her coach, see here)

TO: You are a bright woman. Do you feel the beauty as a gift?

MSH: of Course, as a gift from God and as a gift to the parents. And it’s not just about looks, it about health, and about the ability to work. In most cases, beauty helps – in our profession it is certainly the case. While at the Institute, where I am the only girl in the group, was at the center of admiring attention, some women teachers I didn’t like. I felt that my brightness does not give them rest, and they try to push me, even though low scores for translations from Spanish.

I even asked my mom to bring me because the border of the dress with different shades of brown that is not too conspicuous.

BEFORE: You seem like a strong person. Whether so it actually?

MSH: Yes, because to be strong is better than weak. Better able to bear the blows of fate, to hold on, not fall, if fall, to rise. In extreme moments, I quickly Orient and make decisions. Remember: there are no hopeless situations. And children brought up is not to panic, to think about how to get out.

TO: You’ve changed since their birth?

MSH: Liability appeared, and everything I do, and the core that came in me is all in the name of children to feed, clothe, shod, they were all alive, healthy. With the advent of children you cease to be selfish.

TO: If you could go back in the days before the first birth and something to say, what would you say?

MSH: “think More about who you are and not yourself”. It was the fourth year of the Institute, still do not understand, you do wonder, you want and there, and here, torn to pieces. Of course, with the birth of every child something new you know…

I have a difference between children of nine years and the birth of the next I have already approached another person, and other relations were all from a different angle see. If from the first I knew it: forget yourself, think about the baby… But, unfortunately, was different. That’s why I now your age, pomudrel, the Council may give such smart.

TO: From guilt rid?

MSH: Yeah, right. Help your grown children, even become a friend. And, of course, make it clear: you’re for them give up and always be there when needed.

TO Like you now hear the word love?

MSH: I am a believer and understand that love is much deeper than in my youth you could imagine. Yes, passion, feelings, jealousy – all that I have experienced the same as others. But only when it came to faith, realized how it can be comforting and how much more it gives love. Previously could not understand: how can you love everyone, it’s unrealistic? But knowing where my dad lived, reading his stories, you know how he loved and suffered for all, by how friendly and sympathetic to everyone.

Played a major role work on the program “Wait for me”. When people come to us with their troubles, I began to Wake up this compassion inside, everything just sort of grinds, and through that included love. And then I started thinking about dad, that there are no coincidences and you have to remember what it was, and be grateful all the changes in myself, and every day, and God.

Maria Vasilyeva

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