Maria Poroshina fears for your relationship with your husband

August 3, 2016

The actress has published online a post dedicated to her relationship with her husband. Many fans of the ambiguously explained, such arguments are celebrities.

Maria Poroshina and Ilya Drevnov considered one of the model couples of the Russian show-business. They met in 2001 on the show, and then parted. The couple has three daughters – ten Seraphim, five-year and six-month-old Agrippina aid. 42-year-old Maria is also the mother of an adult heiress Pauline, which gave birth to his first marriage with Gosha Kutsenko.

Recently Poroshina published online post that has puzzled some of her fans who decided that the artist is going through difficult times in relations with her husband and is afraid of losing him. “Ilya, we’ve been together for quite some time. Of course, sometimes we have different angles, lapping, lack of understanding of some situations. In my opinion, family life is still work, no matter how unpleasant or boring it may sound. Love is love, but if you don’t work on yourself, not to turn into some points yourself, your pride, your ego and your laziness, then you can just accidentally lose a man,” wrote the celebrity.

However, many of the members ‘ mothers of large families were quick to assure concerned family actress user that published the Mary argument is just saying his point of view and does not mean that she and her husband are having any relationship problems. She Poroshina to comment on the speculation of fans did not and ignored their questions on the subject.

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