Maria Kozhevnikov showed her husband

August 16, 2016

Film actress and State Duma Deputy Maria Kozhevnikova married for three years but her spouse she assiduously protected from public attention.

Maria Kozhevnikova happy marriage with her husband, businessman Eugene. The couple are raising two sons: two-year-old John and one-year-old Maxim. Despite the openness of stars in social networks, it rarely shows a photo of her husband, forcing fans to wonder how does the choice of their pet. But she broke tradition and showed the face of the beloved.

The actress recently showed subscribers photo from a family vacation, Maria and Eugene, along with his sons took a ride on the boat. “I hope it was not the last Sunny day! But it was the only day this year when I was able to go over 150 km together with your family, friends and relaxation! The link didn’t work, no Internet, this is happiness”, — has signed a frame of the star (spelling and punctuation more. — approx. ed.).

In one of the television broadcast transmission “Heroines of our time” Kozhevnikova shared with viewers the story of the meeting with Eugene. The actress said that she met the man of my dreams, about the meeting with which she prayed to God.

“I went to the Matrona and asked for a husband who would love me for who I am. We once met him in the company of friends in common, and then three months did not see. And during this period I realized that I did not mean that you do not breathe without this man, without him I just don’t exist. Moreover, we are radically different people: Eugene has no relations to a creative environment, politics or sports. This man mathematical mind, but he is my continuation,” — said Maria.

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