Man and woman: why don’t we understand each other

August 23, 2016

To be a hard man, but a woman is not easier. The frantic pace of modern life exacerbates the problems between the sexes. Women mad at men, and they, in turn, on women. The only right decision – to accept each other for who we are.

The number of divorces in Russia, unfortunately, is growing steadily. Let’s think, in what here the reason? So, first of all:


  • insensitive;
  • inattentive;
  • don’t know how to listen;
  • not much love;
  • prefer in bed to have sex and not love;
  • pay attention to other women.


  • bad drive;
  • don’t know how to read a road map;
  • for lack of a sense of direction;
  • for talkativeness;
  • the inability to separate the important from the unimportant;
  • because rarely ask to have sex.

“He doesn’t understand me! It’s like he lives in a different world!” – so say the ladies of love, confiding with a friend, mom. Why disappears the understanding? Perhaps from the fact that men still don’t understand why a woman behaves like a man and a woman expects from his partner’s behavior, mimicking her own.

The point is simple and has long been clear: just men and women differ from each other. They are no worse and no better than each other – they are different. Sergey Savelyev, the largest in our country specialist on the human brain, Professor, anthropologist, research Institute of human morphology of RAMS, and his colleagues sociobiology know it’s a long time ago. They argue: “the Difference explains the brain.” Meanwhile, in the modern society has developed the belief that the capacity of the weak and strong floors are the same. And ripe this belief at the very moment when science – what irony! – gathered enough evidence that men and women are very different from each other.


Actually all the fault of evolution. Millions of years ago man hunted, woman gathered. The man protected the woman nursed. As a result, the evolution of both the body and the thinking went different ways. HER brain is focused on care, nutrition, love and education of people with whom she encounters. HIS brain focused on hunting, protection and decision-making. That man could track down prey and return home, he has formed a highly developed sense of direction and accurate eye for hitting moving prey, nothing was to distract him from his goal. Want to know how and what your man sees? View through binoculars: everything is ahead, in his view, that the parties – no.

The woman felt the high value men because the family depended on him alone. Naturally, in this situation of Affairs of men did not need to “analyze the relationship” and nobody thought that he could take out the trash or change a diaper the child.

From women were required to monitor their immediate environment, recognize signs of possible danger. That is why she has a “navigation” feeling in the middle range. Well she is able to navigate in the vicinity of the house. In addition, the woman had to notice all the details of the changes in behaviour and appearance children and adults. Modern women, like a lizard, for example, developed peripheral vision, she can see 50% of what is happening around. She is the Keeper of the nest and never worried about the main – power supply and security. In the end, the woman still sees the world in detail, and men in General.

Understand why today’s man will never find their thing in the house, but will put computer disks in alphabetical order. Woman always looking for a lost car keys, but rarely will you find a short way to the destination. A woman will spend much less nerves, if you understand the problems of men associated with his vision. And men will have less reason to be nervous, if the words of the woman: “This thing in the closet!” – he will continue looking there.


That will make first of all a man, when he stops the car to check the road map? Will turn off the radio! Most women don’t understand what it is he needs. She can speak, listen and read at the same time – why wouldn’t he do the same? Why it requires to turn off the TV when the phone rings? Why he can’t hear what I said to him when watching a program or reading a newspaper? Such complaints at least once, but were expressed by each woman. The answer lies in the fact that the configuration of the brain does not allow him to do several things at once due to the small number of neural connections between the left and right hemispheres. Scan his brain, when he reads, and you will see that he is practically deaf. To re-nature useless: leave the man alone while watching a football match. And if he started nailing the paintings in the house, admire in silence in order to avoid accidents and injuries.

In the 90-ies using magnetic resonance research has found that the brains of men and women functioning in different ways.

The right and left sides of the brain are connected by a bundle of nerves, which is called the “corpus callosum”. Imagine that you have on the shoulders of two computers connected by a cable. This cable is the “corpus callosum”. It allows one side of the brain to communicate with the other and enables the two hemispheres to exchange information. Women “corpus callosum” more than men, women have 30% more connections between the right and left sides. So it is scientifically proven that working on the same task, men and women use different hemispheres. The result of a large number of compounds is more fluent speech and the ability of women to lead several not related with each other cases.

Most women had to listen to allegations that the man missed a turn on the road because of her chatter. Because women use in every activity both sides of the brain, many of them confuse the right and left sides. About 50% of women are unable to instantly tell which hand is right and which left, I define it in the ring or another take. Men operate on one side of the brain and therefore accurately determine the side. Around the world men abuse women because they told them to turn right, meaning the left side. So once again, don’t bother the man at the wheel, gesture, show where to turn.


By the time of our birth (contrary to the popular tenets of the XX century that we are born with an intact mind, and our parents, teachers, and environment dictate our preferences and choice), the brain is already loaded, if the computer, set both the base and auxiliary programs. The underlying matrix of the human body and mind – women. That is, we all start our lives with girls. And only in 6-8 weeks after conception asexual embryo begins to turn into a girl or a boy. It all depends on the amount of sex hormones female estrogen and male testosterone. But from time to time it happens that the female embryo at this point gets a big dose of male hormones causing a girl is born with a male mind. And Vice versa.

It is believed that 80 to 85 percent of men have a male mind. The remaining 15-20 percent of men have varying degrees feminized mind. Among girls and women – 90 percent of the brain, programmed for female behavior, and 10 percent have brain focused on men’s behaviour.


Leather women contains 10 times more oxytocin – hormone that stimulates the desire to touch that activate the receptors that respond to touch. No wonder women attach so much importance to the arms of men. Men have thicker skin than women. In ancient times it was necessary insensitive skin to Wade through prickly bushes, fight with the beast – the pain was not supposed to distract and slow down the movement of men.

Therefore, to satisfy each other…


  • to compliment,
  • caress,
  • massage,
  • joke
  • to pacify,
  • stroke,
  • to be a pillar
  • provider,
  • comfort,
  • Pat,
  • hug,
  • entertain
  • praise
  • to comfort.


  • to stand before him naked.
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