Lunar horoscope for July 31

July 31, 2016

The forecast for Sunday over the precipice of Faith, Chubinashvili.

Waning Moon in the sign Cancer, 27 lunar day

The symbol of the day – the Boat, the Trident

The energy of the day promotes contacts with water, any interactions and stay near the water, on the water, the sea voyage will bring good luck and charge you with useful energy. Try to stay out in open water, this will fill you with strength and energy. During the morning bath, be sure to ask for water to carry away all the hardships of the past period and thank you for the healing cleansing.

The day is favorable for knowledge transfer, self-education, for training, useful information.

Also a good day for romantic encounters, not only in crowded noisy places. Creative people today are inspired, and they will be able to immerse yourself in the work.

Works well not only reason but also intuition. Trust her. She’s prompt exit from the most difficult situations. Dreams have a lot of useful information, are intuitive result, can discover the true essence of things, events, people. For example, I suspect a person in a bad relationship to you, and in the dream, he saves you – trust him. Your fears are unfounded.

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