Lunar horoscope for July 30

July 30, 2016

The forecast for Saturday over the precipice of Faith, Chubinashvili.

Waning Moon in the sign of Gemini, 26 lunar day.

The moon is void of course 19:17 – 1:14 set aside all the important things at this time

Characters — Toad, Swamp

Day reveals the darkest sides of the human soul. Bespoke Vice of pulling people into his ambitions and desires down to his animal nature. Very controversial and fussy day, you must exercise restraint and willpower, to treat everything calmly and with a smile to overcome the difficulties.

Possible mood swings, but my emotions need to be controlled. On this day, you can provoke idle chatter or gossip. There may be a desire to boast, to exaggerate their achievements. Stop and time to shut up, or be ashamed of said. Probable serious disputes and scandals with the slamming of doors. After such scandals, you will feel devastated, because it lost even more vital energy.

Avoid unnecessary hassles. Try to postpone all the important things and not start anything new. The day is unfavorable for any financial transactions, purchases, contracts.

Dreams can show your self-confidence, position in life.

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