Lunar horoscope for January 30

January 30, 2017

Forecast for Monday the precipice of Faith, Chubinashvili.

Waxing Moon in Pisces, 4 lunar day

The symbol of the day – the Tree of Knowledge, the Choice between good and evil.

On this day, there are all sorts of temptations, You may be asked to choose between good and evil and You will even pull to do something bad. Therefore it is better to think ten times before to do something. Well do quiet household chores and relax with family. This day is the best way to strengthen the family and kinship relations. Give your soul mate a romantic dinner. “Bathe in each other”, – bequeathed to us this day.

The first half of this lunar day is favorable, comes peace of mind, increases the ability to contacts. The company favors trading activities, creating new prospects and good opportunities in life. However, the second half of the day can slow down the positive trends, and only through diplomacy and good nature to avoid conflicts and machinations of rivals.

Moderate exercise today will be useful. You can visit the sauna, steam room or soak in your home bathtub. Alcohol and Smoking is contraindicated. Do not overeat. Haircut unfavorable.

Dreams are considered prophetic, especially when he saw his relatives. Remember their advice, they will help to find the right decisions in life

Maria Vasilyeva

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