Lunar horoscope for January 28

January 28, 2017

The forecast for Saturday over the precipice of Faith, Chubinashvili.

New MOON at 03:07 in the sign of AQUARIUS, 1 lunar day 3:07 – 8:30, then 2 lunar day

The symbol of the day — cornucopia

Day so harmonious and light, good mood and excellent health is guaranteed to all. And joy is nothing outwardly due to: you just intuitively feel light and positive energy of this day and to embrace it. No fuss or aggression in this day should not be. No need to take the initiative and somewhere to strive for.

Do good in it’s day it will return to you a hundredfold in the near future. Sorry, even their sworn enemies and the most bitter resentment, to pay our debt. Remember, if You have a penchant for greed, to this day, she can manifest. So don’t skimp, be generous. Make someone (maybe yourself) a gift, give the unnecessary things will pay off, all back in full. Any amount you donate selflessly will come back to you within a month. Good deeds also will respond in the future.

Today’s the day of active work, relax afterwards. All the words of this day will be the Foundation for the next events, so be careful what you do and say.

The diet should be moderate, do not give characteristic 2-day gluttony. All unhealthy and unnecessary foods eaten today will have a negative impact on health. The intention to go on a diet. With bosses it is better not to contact. But the financial transactions will be successful. Remember that these day strongly favor the activity, and if you don’t sit idly by and softly treat others, it is a fertile Foundation for your good future has been laid.

Dreams are empty, do not give them value.

Maria Vasilyeva

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