Lunar horoscope for January 27

January 27, 2017

Forecast for Friday the precipice of Faith, Chubinashvili.

Waning Moon in Aquarius, 29 lunar day, Moon void of course: 14:18 – 15:37 – put all the important things at this time!
The symbol of the day – Lamp

Better to spend the day in addressing only the most essential of life’s questions, especially in the daytime when the Moon is void of course. So, any initiatives will not bring the desired result.

Today the moon is no longer visible in the sky, people weakens, energy exhausted. Listen to your intuition: this day, as a rule, it will suggest the right solutions that will help to avoid unpleasant moments or sharp corners. Limit your diet, get rid of bad thoughts and chase annoying and empty people who have to climb the soul. Before bed take a shower, imagining the water washes away your entire someone else, the evil and dark energy. Need to wash away the old, to forgive all and to dwell in love and harmony and peace and with him. Thank the outgoing month for lessons and open, and with a pure heart, prepare to usher in the new lunar month.

Any initiative is better timed to the new Moon, which will happen the coming night. Prepare in advance: beneficial to arrange a fasting day, which will help cleanse your energy of negativity will quickly attract in life what you want.

Dreams will help calm and good mood. With proper behavior you can keep them for a long time, and this is the most positive way will affect all your future life.

Maria Vasilyeva

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