Lunar horoscope for February 2

February 2, 2017

Forecast for Thursday the precipice of Faith, Chubinashvili.

Waxing Moon in Aries, 7 lunar day

Void moon – 19:50 – 4:50 – put all the important things at this time!

The symbol of the day – the rose of the Winds

Today, all your words have incredible power! Says it all today – good and bad – has a probability of realization in the material world. In order not to incur the trouble, be careful what you say. Today you can experience all the subtleties of human relationships, to find common ground with someone who was ashamed or afraid to face.

A good contact with the boss, but only his first half. All the accumulated problems will be successfully resolved. If you are a boss, do not forget to praise your employees.

Lies and gossip have a destructive force, avoid them if you don’t want to face the future troubles. It is impossible to lie and to swear, and in any case do not wish anyone evil. Everything you do that day – will fly to you like a boomerang.

Dream, unleash your desire, fantasize about happy and abundant life. The energy of the day is very powerful, use it for specific purposes. The moon gives luck to those who will spend this day actively. Good dreams, good dreams come true, but don’t tell them to anyone.

Maria Vasilyeva

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