Lunar horoscope for August 24

August 24, 2016

Forecast for Wednesday the precipice of Faith, Chubinashvili.

Waning Moon in the sign Taurus, 22 lunar day

The moon is void of course 22:38 – 2:40 – put all the important things at this time!

The symbol of the day – Elephant

The elephant symbolizes wisdom, strength, intelligence, insight. Day not intended for serious financial issues for the contracts. The day is unfavorable, as it is the turn of the energy flow. However, the energy increases mental abilities. So today you can spend on training. Take a chore that you constantly put off until tomorrow.

Today you have the chance to assimilate more information than for the whole lunar month, so enjoy a day of self-education. If the day to spend in inactivity, laziness, mindless pastime, then the energy of the moon will be turned against you, and you eventually start to notice that every day your memory deteriorates, your ability to concentrate decreases.

Elephant teaches all of us to show altruism, generosity, wisdom, patience and justice. Need to get rid of pride and lies.

22 lunar day is also the day of the open heart. Help others, be generous, and Express altruism. It’s easier to ask for forgiveness and forgive yourself. Instincts sharpened on this day, listen to yourself, and perhaps you will come to the decision of old problems, or will visit the new ideas. Try to intuitively hear the signs that you will help to Orient in the current situation. They will tell you how to act in the future. Haircut will make you more attractive, will attract prosperity.

Dreams also have secret symbols. Will be able to capture the essence, can change their lives for the better.

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