Lunar horoscope for August 21

August 21, 2016

The forecast for Sunday over the precipice of Faith, Chubinashvili.

Waning Moon in the sign of Aries, 19-th lunar day

The symbol of the day – Spider, Network.

Day difficult. Spider plays the role of a destiny Creator. Character spider carries as a Vice and a virtue. On this day the air is charged with negative energy. Today it is easy to succumb to temptation. A new idea suddenly surging, it may be another deception. People provide each other a bad influence. Better today with no one to meet, since communication will be difficult. Maybe you will be under the influence or the pressure of his new friend.

Especially avoid people who took alcohol or drugs. To easily transfer the day, we need to save power. Stay alone, spend time cleaning the soul, thoughts, conscience or apartment. You can do it surrounded by burning candles. Also the day is favorable for camping, evening campfires. Today it is recommended to carefully consider their words and actions. Don’t be proud and selfish. If you are afraid to get involved in the conflict, it is better to stay home.

Today any trifle, casually dropped word can cause for a quarrel. The moon favors a cautious people. Hardened in the struggle of this day, you will gain wisdom, your personality will become stronger and brighter. Still it is not recommended to begin new Affairs and to sign the contract. Attend only to current Affairs. It is possible with great care only to plan a new business, but to start and not to implement. It is not advisable to take loan and to conduct serious financial transactions.

Limit contact with management. Solve only minor issues. Also, do not brag – you can lose everything. This day is more intended for the purification of the soul and body. Sorry. Not peregruzhateli physically, traumatic day. Dreams should not believe, they are empty.

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