Lunar horoscope for August 10

August 10, 2016

Forecast for Wednesday the precipice of Faith, Chubinashvili.

Waxing Moon in Scorpio, lunar days 8 to 13:25, then 9 lunar day

The symbol of the day – Bat

In the morning continue the trend of the previous day, the activity and the dynamics continues. Closer to the dinner there was one of the most unfavourable lunar days, it is considered satanic. Try to actively protect themselves from negative aggression. Has a tendency to quarrels, for no reason, there is a very changeable mood, she is overwhelmed by various fears, apprehensions, worries, negative thoughts. Beware of deceptions and temptations, avoid conflict situations.

The moon in Scorpio increases the voltage, so keep any negative emotions in all possible and impossible ways. Tranquility, gentleness, forgiveness is the theme for the day.

New businesses do not start, started can continue. To believe anyone is not worth the high probability of deception and insincerity. Financial operations shouldn’t be done. Bad day for marriage.

A good day to cleanse the body. You and the house to clean. Well, if the house will have all day to burn a candle. Dreams can be unpleasant and difficult, but they can indicate problems that need to be addressed.

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