Loyalty forever. Abandoned by owners when moving out, the dog was waiting for them on old things

November 3, 2016

The story of Hachiko only looks good in the movie.

The family left for their home in Detroit and has left behind mountains of garbage on the lawn, broken furniture, and… the faithful dog.

Pit bulls, like many other dogs, very loyal to their hoazin. This handsome man named Boo waited his whole month. Waited, not leaving the place.

You never been to, the owners never returned, because they have to go back?

The neighbors fed the dog all the time, until someone realized that it’s time to attach, and called the Detroit center rescue abandoned dogs. For BU came the founder of the orphanage, Mike Diesel.

“He just lay there, at his usual place and waited for the owners”.

To explain to the dog that her family is behind her not coming — not an easy task.

Mike Diesel spent some time and some sandwiches from McDonald’s to Boo him wary.

“We talked to each other, and I hope he understood me. He is very friendly and clever dog.”

Currently, all that is required to this animal — loving family that will accept him and will never leave one.


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