Love and death, good and evil. Fateful events in the life of Valentina Malyavina

January 25, 2017

There are fates similar to tangled love affair. Such often falls to people who are talented, their talent attracts love and passion, hatred and tragedy. Such a fate was waiting for a beautiful and carefree girl born in a wealthy family.

Valentine was a classic General’s daughter – you can tell she was born with a Golden spoon in his mouth. Four days after her birth the war began, and the father of a soldier sent on a business trip to the far East. From there to Moscow, the family returned only in the late forties.

Wives and children of the military, while the heads of the families in the service, entertain yourself as you can. The family of General Malyavina of wife and two daughters, the youngest of whom was Alice, was fond of theatre. The girl from the very young age fell in love with the theatre, not only as a spectator. She dreamed of becoming a real actress.

Enviable appearance, deep dreamy eyes many more times will bring her fame and honor, as well – endless, just crazy love, the most interesting of men. And while Valya went to school №71 in Moscow.

Girls from her class were invited to the party, whispering: “There will be Alexander Zbruev!”. She knew that the boy will impress her. And so it happened.

Both artists still remember that you love each other at first sight, but to acquaint each other with their parents did not dare. They were only 16-17 years, they knew that the mother is neither the one nor on the other hand, will not support the lovers.


Ivan’s childhood (1962)

Mad passion carefully concealed from parents and society while the couple had the chance. But by graduation, Val was pregnant. Sasha immediately took her to the registry office, saying to parents that went to the theater.

So, with the official paper in my hands after painting, they were started in the bride’s house. “Well, tell me what you’ve done!”, mom said Get in the hallway to find a stranger with the same scared eyes, like her daughter.

Valentina remembers that on the news about the married mom reacted quite normally. It was unexpected for her, but wasn’t critical. In the end, marriage is not doorways to cuddle. But, when my daughter blurted out that she was pregnant, the mother changed in the face…

She always tried to dissuade his lively and very beautiful Valya from casual Dating, taught to cherish your virginity and not to engage in intimate relations before marriage. After learning that her daughter got married “shotgun”, I was horrified.

Following the recognition in the creation of a new cell companies have heard parents zbrueva. The mother of the actor was also in shock from the news that will soon become a grandmother. Such plans she had, besides, she didn’t want son connected himself with the child at such a young age.

A few months after young signed, mom conspired and waged Valya “visit” to the gynecologist. For a round sum he agreed to carry out artificial birth on the seventh month of pregnancy. Until the last young Valentina did not understand what was happening to her, confided in the doctor.

They say that learning that the Pope until, Zbruev tried to beat Valentina, but in time stopped.


CHK employee (1963)

Meanwhile, the actress is still enrolled at the higher drama school named Shchukin. In that first year, the beauty began to notice her. She was 19 when he released her debut film “First date”. Two years later, the beauty Valentina was fascinated by Tarkovsky himself – then still unknown.

He offered her the role of the paramedic Masha in “Ivanov the childhood”. Gifted and profound, had already survived personal tragedy Malyavina, brilliantly played in the film that made a splash. After this role became famous, and “Masha”, and Tarkovsky.

Zbruev, which Valentine and lived together, could not forgive the loss of her daughter. Of interrupted pregnancy, the couple froze. Valya didn’t know how to please her beloved, could not find a place. Her perplexity provoked the search for novels on the side. One of them was with Andrei Tarkovsky.

Say, the Director was sincerely in love, wanted to leave his wife and even made Valentine offer. But she did not accept him. Just ugovarivali Currencies to star in his next film, Tarkovsky abruptly changed his mind and adopted the role of legitimate wife.

The wife of the Director

Morning train (1963)

However, Valentine was not discouraged. On the filming of the movie “Youth” she had another affair with Director Pavel Arsenova. A charming man and a good coach she saw their home. Confessed Zbrueva, filed for divorce and soon got married to Paul.

Malyavina tried this time to live the family life and even made an attempt to get pregnant again. But the General and Arsenovi son died in childbirth. Again started drinking Bohemian, theatrical hangouts… Watching one of the performances, Malyavina was fascinated by the charismatic Alexander Kaidanovsky.

It was a truly fatal contact. The lovers had shared a bed, cut each other’s veins, and once climbed into a bureaucratic cottage to sleep in and barely got away from the guards. About passionate when knew and the husband of actress and wife of actor. The first begged not to divorce, the second was unable to endure the dislike Kaidanovsky and just left the capital, leaving to the mother.

Some years they actually lived together for the rights of the husband and wife, without dissolving marriage. In the end Malyavin left Kaidanovsky to this man, but after a few days it was waiting for a complete break with Sasha and official divorce and Arsenova.


Tunnel (1966)

Departed from Valentina, this time forever Kaidanovsky still managed to introduce the novice actor Stanislav Zhdanko, who was 12 years younger than Malvinas. Comfort famous actress took it.

For a start, that he’s in love with Valentina, then began to care, they started a whirlwind romance.

Then tell the woman Malyavin will be in the same camera, the actress felt like Stas as his own child. His every intention, every movement. And, of course, was very jealous youngster to younger Actresses, among whom he was constantly spinning. This novel again was a passionate and incredible, but this time the intensity of love led to the tragedy.

Still it is not known, did the murder of an actress, or a young man in a rush really killed himself. Only after the next quarrel of lovers he was dead.

A knife wound was shallow, but it was in the heart. Then the actress vouched by numerous people of art, the investigation then stopped, then resumed for five years, his guilt Malyavina did not recognize. But in the end was recognized as a murderer and sent to the colony.

In prison she was respected – the famous artist. Not immediately, but determined in the cult-mass section. According to the testimony of inmates, she felt guilty, prayed and asked for forgiveness from God, waiting that he will be punished and engaged in self-flagellation.


The lesson of literature (1968)

Valentine was released on PAROLE, returned to his mother. Say, scary saw, but all the same, and after his release managed to star in several films. After the death of his mother left in these nights, in a luxurious Moscow apartment began to appear men of a certain type.

Soon the companions forced her to sign the documents for the apartment, and the actress was taken to the woods. Already, the grave has been dug, but the daughter of one of the inmates gave to Valentine to kill – I found a place where he took her, unable to agree.

The last tragedy that happened to Malvinas again connected with booze. Another roommate in the hit that the actress flew into the wall and hit his head on the corner. Damaged optic nerve and stopped to see.

Surprisingly, when the actress went to prison, and then began to drink and ended up in the relevant companies, the entire theatrical world to which she belonged and which was respected, though turned away from her. There was no one to shake hands, there is no one – to reason, to pull out of this social hole.

Now the actress lives in a comfortable house in the suburbs, takes care of her experienced staff. Someone pays for the maintenance, spacious rooms, good clothes and care for Valentina Alexandrovna a lot of money.

A few years ago in an attempt to restore sight, it drove to the famous Western doctor, but he said that the process is irreversible. According to rumors, cares about celebrity cellmate, which became the capital businesswoman. Supposedly, Valentina has signed her second apartment – on the Arbat.

  • Otche Nash (1989)

  • The king stag (1969)

  • Red square (1970)

  • My home theatre (1975)

  • At any sage rather simplicity (1971)

  • First date (1960)

  • One thousand souls (1971)

  • Youth (film) (1963)

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