Locked in for 13 years in the attic, the cat suddenly found a loving family

December 30, 2016

It is difficult to understand such owners.

Amazing from any point of view, the incident occurred on Christmas day in new York.

In city Society of protection of animals called the man and said the following: “Take that damn animal, I can’t take it anymore!”.

It turned out that in the attic of his house for 13 years a cat lives, which the owners had locked up there once. The poor animal quite wildly, it is afraid of people and does not want to communicate with them. From the attic to leave it refuses, for obvious reasons — childhood kitty saw nothing, except four walls and a roof, and dim light that when she changed the water and put food.

“She hates me and my wife, and we answer her in return!”, — said the cat’s owner.
The volunteers coaxed the frightened animal and took them away. Two days later, Andrea, so called Kotaku, vengeance purred in the hands of the people.
A week later she found a foster home.

The question remains: what has moved her previous owners, and why one day they decided to end it?

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Ekaterina Sarycheva

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