Like thunder from a clear sky. The unexpected divorce of stars

July 1, 2016

We admired these wonderful pairs, and maybe was jealous of their relationship. But suddenly they declared that their love is gone!

Svetlana Bondarchuk, Fedor Bondarchuk

This divorce started with the real (and very sudden) official announcement on the website of Hello magazine, where she is editor in chief: “With love and gratitude to each other, lived together for years, still staying close, maintaining mutual respect and love for our families, we, Fedor and Svetlana Bondarchuk,to announce: we have decided to get a divorce”. It would seem that the answer to all the questions, but the questions kept on appearing – as long as Fedor has not provided the fans of his girlfriend, actress Paulina Andreev. Now Svetlana threw herself into work and a new life, the couple plans a wedding, and the bride Fedor has already received a role in his new series.

Agniya Ditkovskite and Alexei Chadov

A vivid novel, and three years into the marriage – and then laconic comments that the time has come to leave. The official reason for the divorce Agnes and Alex not voiced, though they say it is associated with the participation of Agnes in “dancing with the stars”. However, Agnes notes that did not expect such a finale, and Alex is quite happy with his freedom from the bonds of marriage.

Victoria Lopyreva and Fedor Smolov

Another perfect celebrity couple: hot blond and muscular football player. The marriage was short-lived, and the decision to end his Victoria shared with fans in a modern way, on his page in the social network. The presenter lamented the fact that the husband can not settle down and not able to think about family, not about entertainment, it is more than six months waited for him to grow up, but never came, so had to say goodbye to him.

Emin Agalarov and Leyla Aliyeva

A year ago, businessman and musician Emin Agalarov officially announced that it is again eligible bachelor – their marriage with the daughter of President Azerbaijan Leyla Aliyeva came to an end. However, no signs of leaving fans – on the contrary, a family with two sons looked just perfect. But it turned out that the husband and wife have been living in different cities, and divorce is just a formality.

Constantine and Yana Meladze

Photo: Tatiana Nikolayeva/ITAR-TASS

A strong marriage that lasted almost two decades, was not so strong, while wash dirty linen in public it was not accepted, and in 2013 the composer Konstantin Meladze still left his wife Yana. First, you’re going nowhere, and then it turned out that his ward, the singer Vera Brezhneva. Only a year later, she was able to start telling the press about the breakup with her husband.

Irina Bezrukova and Sergei Bezrukov

One of the most beautiful star couples, 15 years of happy marriage – and then it turned out that Irina and Sergey for several months since they broke up, just won’t share with the press details of his personal life. Irina appeared in the author’s program on television, where her ex-husband was the first guest, and Sergei – new beloved, the Director Anna matison.

Yevgeny Tsyganov and Irina Leonova

Wife of Yevgeny Tsyganov, also an actress, deliberately chose a career instead of a family – six children became a great confirmation of this choice, and Eugene in an interview admitted that he has a perfect family model. But then suddenly something went wrong: while Irina was expecting seventh child, the press suddenly noticed her husband in the company of actress Yulia Snigir, who – surprise! – also preparing for motherhood.Now Irina is raising the kids by myself and Eugene the new ideal family model – with a single baby.

johnny Depp and amber heard

Mysterious history: whether family violence and intemperate character zazvezdilsya husband, whether the wife wants to get a little more sympathy fans. It all started nicely: behind johnny were 14 years of marriage with Vanessa Paradis, amber and does prefer girls, and a 22 year age difference too, did not speak in favor of a great love, but the novel began rapidly and lasted a secret wedding. And after some time the scandal broke: amber claimed that Depp’s drinking, raised her hand, so they immediately separate and divide the property.

Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel

Many years together, two kids, a joint film and an appearance on the red carpet exclusively hand – while in 2013 suddenly came the news that the marriage of Monica and Vincent have been transformed from the present to the formal. Bellucci admitted to the press that proved to be very difficult to reconcile the love of liberty and independence, General work and family life, so she and her husband absolutely individual stars, not a couple. Very sad indeed.

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