July 1, 2016

Almost every woman loves to please a cakes friends and relatives. But what to do if you have the desire to bake a cake, but there is no way the oven is missing, faulty, etc. do I Need in this case to defer into the far corner favorite prescription pad? Does this mean that you are doomed to buy classic cakes in the shop? Not at all. At least you can bake in a skillet one of the most favorite cakes – Napoleon. And we’ll show you how to do it.

Necessary ingredients:

•fresh milk – 200 ml;

•butter – 100 g;

•sugar – 150 g;

•eggs – 1 piece;

•flour – 1 kg;

•vegetable oil – 1 teaspoon;

•soda, slaked vinegar – ½ teaspoon;

•salt – ½ teaspoon.

Method of preparation:

Softened butter RUB with sugar sand. Beat the egg and continue to grind. Add fresh milk and stir well. Pour vegetable oil, add vinegar gashenuyu soda and salt. All carefully stir. Fill up the flour in small portions, first stir, avoiding lumps. Then knead the dough, it should be medium consistency. Divide the dough into pieces, each cake is rolled thinly. Fry in a pan with two sides covered with the lid. Remove from the pan and spread on a dish. Each Korzh lubricated pre-cooked cream.

Our Napoleon cake homemade will consist of 10 to 11 parts depending on the diameter of the pan. If you want to make a big cake, all the ingredients take double the amount. Then accordingly get 20-22 cake.

Prepare the cream:

For the cream we need to take:

•fresh milk – 250 ml;

•eggs – 2 PCs;

•sugar – 200 g;

•butter – 300 g;

•condensed milk – 200 g;

•vanilla – 1 package.

Take a bowl with non-stick coating and bring in her milk to a boil. Eggs RUB with sugar and pour the mixture into the milk, a little proverjaem. Remove from the heat and cooled. Add the butter and beat until receipt lush mass. Add condensed milk and vanilla, beat again – our cream of Napoleon’s ready.

Cakes grease with a cream. The top and sides Napoleon lubricated cream and sprinkle with crumbs from scraps of cakes. So the cake is well soaked, it is better to cook it in the evening and let the night stand in a cool place.

Bon appetit!

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