Leisure for your feet

September 24, 2016

Leisure for your feet

When we rest (out of town at the weekend, on vacation on the sea, excursions and walks, party with friends), the load on the legs increases. But while traveling do not want to swelling, pain or heaviness in the legs hanging over the trip. To feel okay, try to follow these important rules.

Only the most comfortable shoes.
If you have to walk a lot, remember that shoes should be comfortable – feel free to refuse to buy all that compresses or rubs my feet. If you have a festive event or meeting with friends, try to objectively assess the situation and choose the appropriate shoes. Possible, give up studs. Very comfortable shoes, not tightening the foot. Perfect heel height – 4 inches.

Don’t forget about the water!
If you have a long trip by car or Hiking excursion, be sure to bring a bottle of still water and try every hour to do a few SIPS. During feasts with friends and family is also not forget to drink water, especially if you consume alcoholic drinks, tea and coffee, which dehydrate the body. But if the liquid is not enough, blood viscosity increases, therefore, increases the load on the veins.

Go on a trip by car to nearby cities?
Plan for a short stop every couple of hours. Get out for a walk and stretch your legs. Before the trip, it is necessary to wear compression stockings to feel more comfortable.

Wisely choose the tour.
If you know that during long walks feet are usually tired, specify in advance the duration of the tour and find out will there be a point where you sit down and rest. Ideally, choose routes where walking tours are interspersed with travel by bus.

Plan time to rest.
Walking weekend in the woods? Go to a Museum or amusement Park with the kids? Watch carefully for feelings. As soon as you feel that your feet are tired, sit down, stretch your legs, and gently massage them. But if you are long in a sitting position (for example, during the feast), on the contrary, every hour stand up and move around.
Feel legs still tired?
Make cool bath, then massage a moisturizing cream, put under foot cushion and a few minutes quietly lie down.

Think about prevention.
Weekend plan a trip to the pool – swimming is the best exercise for the legs. Even on vacation perform daily exercises for the legs. Consult a doctor-phlebologist, who will pick up the medication to protect the veins – for example, Venerus.

Heaviness in the legs, swelling, pain and cramps can be the first manifestations of varicose veins. Unfortunately, the application of ointments and gels only provides a cosmetic effect. To solve the problem, consult a doctor who will help you pick one of the proven medicines venotonic– for example, Venerus. Enough to take 2 tablets 1 time a day.
Venerus can reduce the symptoms of varicose veins includes heaviness in the legs, swelling, pain, cramps), improve vein health and thus prevent disease progression and development of complications.

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