Learn the words: how to communicate with your Barber

January 30, 2017

“I offer you a small Ponting, easy Ombre and style at the boomerangs!” WHAT?! Save yourself our dictionary and speak with the master in one language!


Round brush with dense bristles that is used for “traction” hair, and for the formation of large curls.


Soft flexible hair curlers are made from foam, silicone or sponge rubber. Allow to form “relaxed” hair.


Comb with teeth on both sides, used for blow drying and adding volume.


The technique of cutting hair “stepping stones” to give hair extra volume.


In fact it is kind of thinning out, hair cut is not flat and at an angle. The technique allows to avoid straight lines in the haircut.

The shading

Creating a smooth transition from the shorter strands at the temples and nape to longer hair in the Central part.

The thinning

Thinning hair using special thinning scissors that one of the blades have a vertical slot. So removed the excessive amount.

Method “Trochili”

The haircutting technique in which the hairs are twisted into a rope and twisted hair is “slicing”. Especially good for curly hair.

The slicing

Haircut special very sharp scissors. Haircut runs smooth sliding movements, wherein the shear blades remain stationary. Haircut technique gives elegance, volume and a little curls hair.

The depth of tone

The base color of the hair without mixture of complementary shades. In the world practice to describe the level of color using a numeric scale from 1 to 10. For example, 1-black, 5 — brown, 10 — boil white. The main colors are natural, a number of shades of any hair dye, and the first digit of each tone always mean depth.


Vertical staining of thin strands in a lighter tone.


Horizontal hair strands dye in several shades, darker at the roots and lighter on the ends.


What is commonly called “wash-up”: remove artificial pigment from the hair for a transition from dark tones to light.


Dyeing techniques in which first isolated the broad, flat strand, and then divide it into smaller, wrapping after application of dye to the foil.


Create beautiful color transitions on her hair, resembling natural hair, sun-bleached. Normally, such a coloring is to comb strands of hair.


What Shatush.


Color alignment for its entire length.


Staining on the basis of brown and light colors (brown + blonde).


Dyeing techniques in which stands out a strand of hair with a width of 1-2 cm, is placed on the foil, painted on top again put the foil. To apply a different color, again foil, the third color and so on.


Technique in which the hair is laid out on a circle, resembling a hat without a crown, and painted in different shades.


Hair coloring in different colors at the same time.


Hair coloring with natural dyes.


The procedure of sealing the hair in a protective “film”. By using special enveloping means preventing the penetration of harmful elements, dehydration, drying and hot styling.


Procedure repair damaged hair using a special media that contain charged particles, which envelop the hair and protect it from dehydration and penetration into the skeleton of harmful substances.

Keratin straightening

The hair treatment with keratin, which by heat treatment seals the hair, smoothing its surface and providing a saturation of nutrients. Materials cosmo.ru.


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