Leadership Traits of Effective Managers

May 13, 2017

What is the deeper urge in human nature?

The desire to feel important.

How this urge translates into leadership traits?

Everyone wants to feel that they matter. However, to appreciate takes thought and effort. If you don’t do it well then you could come across as a ‘flatterer’.

Have you heard the story of the Fox and the Crow?

A crow stole a piece of cheese and sat on top of a tall tree to enjoy the morsel. A fox saw the crow with the cheese and wanted to get that piece of cheese.

The fox said to the crow, “You look well today, your wings and feathers look very smooth and even your claws look very sharp today. I wonder how your song would sound in the forest.”

The crow loved the flattery,

So he wanted to show to the fox how right he was. But as he opened his beak to sing, the cheese fell out. The fox grabbed it in midair and gobbled it up in no time.

As the fox walked away, he gave the crow some wisdom,

“Next time someone praises you, remain silent – Never trust a flatterer”.

However, there is a difference between appreciation and flattery-

Appreciation is sincere and flattery is insincere. In the long run, flattery won’t work with discerning people. To appreciate your workers, you must know them personally. You can only meaningfully appreciate your worker if you know your workers as individuals. Otherwise, your praise will sound like flattery and your leadership traits will come across as hollow as the convincing crow.

Remember, effective managers have built- in leadership traits.

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