Lady – fire! 20 ideas of painting-Balazs for redheads

January 11, 2017

No matter of the nature you have red hair or you choose coloration in a fiery color, not to notice such a striking woman is impossible! But the hair will look even more impressive, if you make a voluminous, shining Balaj. We have collected 20 bold ideas — show your colourist.

If Balaj for brunettes and for blondes ratuszem increasingly less clear,how to paint red-haired women, we have to find out now.

1. Rich color

Option for those who want to get a dark Auburn color, but not a dull monotone, as if diluted sunlight.

2. Light strands from a person

Add a little blonde could only strands the person, and the rest of the mass of hair will let the red — spectacular!

3. Glare

This coloring looks more natural — in the fashion the effect of burned hair,and your red hair you definitely should try it!

4. Gradient

A smooth transition from dark to light will look true if you choose the “right” shades, don’t be afraid of red and even purple!

5. Red and mahogany

Balaj on red hair for the bold and bright! The combination of the two shades, red and red, allows you to create the effect of additional volume, and the color will look deep and rich.

6. Bright glare

Red hair combined with blonde — is in the trend! Light ends and the red top will look fashionable and effectively.

7. Darker

If you don’t want a bright red shade, choose a darker option. To not look boring, slightly lighten your hair and make toning.

8. Natural flare

Balaj with the most natural effect — the glare does not contrast with the main color of the hair, it seems like they are not at all! But at the same time, the hair Shine and appear three-dimensional.

9. Feathers

Thin light strands will make your red color multifaceted. Choose similar shades to not look too contrasting.

10. Add blonde!

With so imperceptible staining will not remain — the main red shade beautiful shade of blond hair.

11. Caramel

Warm caramel hue with pale highlights — perfect!

12. Copper strands

To achieve this effect, some strands of the wizard clarified and stoneroot in a copper hue — it’s really beautiful.

13. Only at the ends

If you don’t want to harm the hair and are afraid to do the staining over the entire length,then lighten only the tips. It will look as if the hair burned in the sun and ends you in which case you can always cut.

14. Reddish

Hot head! Not just red, but a red tint — add a few bright highlights,and you are the star!

15. Thin strands

If you want just a little bit to refresh your hair without changing the main tone, simply add a very subtle light strands.

16. Bright contrast

For the most daring red beauties.

17. A smooth transition

From dark to light — very smooth, natural transition of colors is in fashion,so you definitely should try.

18. Shades of red

Combine in your painting several red and copper shades to create the effect of shimmering in the sun hair.

19. Classic Balaj

Looks like a classic Balaj on red hair: from the roots of the hair is darker at the ends — lighter, and all the colours are very smooth and look natural.

20. Ombre

Or make a bright Ombre is just stylish!


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