Kennedy, the Romanovs, Gucci and Hemingway: ancestral curse known families

August 16, 2016

A series of suicides and mysterious deaths, addictions, handed down from the parents to the children — the mystics who studied the biographies of known families and clans coming to the conclusion that to blame the family curse.


The chain of tragic deaths of members of the influential American journalists of the clan called”Kennedy curse”. Four of the nine children of Joseph Kennedy Sr., businessman and politician, and his wife Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy died in his youth. The firstborn pair,Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr., was a military pilot and crashed in the skies during world war II. John Kennedy became the 35th U.S. President was shot in Dallas November 22, 1963, and around the assassination there were many mysteries and hypotheses.

By the way, two of the four children of President Kennedy and his wife Jacqueline were killed instantly: the girl son was born stillborn, and the last baby lived for two days. John Kennedy Jr., the third child of the couple, died at age 39 — died in a plane crash over the Atlantic ocean, and now the successor of the President is the only Caroline Kennedy, a lawyer and a writer.

Returning to the tragic fate of the first generation of Kennedy, not to mention rosemary Kennedy,younger sister of the President. In 23 years girl has had a lobotomy and was left disabled, spent all his life in a psychiatric hospital. The fifth Kennedy child, Kathleen — died in a car accident at age 28.

Attorney General and U.S. Senator Robert Kennedy, like his older brother, 5 years later after the death of John was shot and killed under mysterious circumstances. After the assassination policy had been alive for almost a day. He died as a result of tripping of the machines that were keeping him alive.

Son of Robert Kennedy, David, the fourth of his 11 children, died from a cocaine overdose at age 28.


Jacqueline Kennedy and Aristotle Onassis

Greek Onassis clan, which in 1968 joined the widow Kennedy, also called the cursed (and the authorship attributed to the curse of the Opera diva Maria Callas, who was the mistress of Onassis, but learned from the Newspapers about his wedding to Jacqueline Kennedy).

Athena Livanos, the first wife of shipowner billionaire Aristotle Onassis, died at age 45. According to the official version — a heart attack, but close family was sure that the woman committed suicide, unable to withstand the blows of fate: change of Aristotle and divorce following two failed marriages and most importantly — the death of 25-year-old son Alexander in a plane crash in January 1973. The daughter of Aristotle and Athena Christine was found merwas in 1988. As her mother, 37-year-old woman was diagnosed with a heart attack. However, history Cristina had two unsuccessful suicide attempts, so many journalists are convinced that the woman still poisoned.

For Aristotle and Jacqueline Kennedy had no children, and now the sole heir to the Onassis family is 31-year-old Athena Russell.


Ernest and Margaux Hemingway

The winner of the Nobel prize for literature Ernest Hemingway committed suicide at 61 years old after years of struggle with depression, which became the curse of the Hemingway family. The writer’s father, despite a happy marriage and a warm relationship with children, killed himself. Committed suicide and all three children of the family Hemingway: Ernest and his sister Ursula because of the depression, and the elder brother of the writer Lester killed himself, knowing that because of diabetes he will have to amputate the leg.

Writer’s granddaughter Margaux Hemingway, model and actress, also suffered from clinical depression and committed suicide in 42 years.


Indira Gandhi

The first woman Prime Minister in India’s history and world history. Indira Gandhi was killed by her own bodyguards-Sikhs, tolstushki her for the suppression of unrest their co-religionists. The eldest son of Indira Rajiv was also assassinated. In 1991 he was blown up by a suicide bomber in response to the entry of Indian troops in Sri Lanka. Younger son Sanjay Gandhi died in a plane crash during the life of the policy. In India a popular legend about the curse of the Gandhi family, which has incurred the wrath of fate, by breaking caste law. And Indira and her sons entered into a “prohibited” marriages: the Prime Minister is married to an Indian Parsee (descendants of immigrants from Iran), the youngest son married the daughter of a Sikh who is a senior and took to wife the Italian.


Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee

Martial artist and cult actor Bruce Lee died at 33 after he took a pill for a headache, which led to brain edema. The circumstances of the death of the artist until the end and were not understood: according to one, the tablet was kept comparable to the body dose of aspirin and meprobamate, but there is a version that the death was arranged by his envious.

Before his death, Bruce Lee began making the film “Game of death”. He not only played the lead role, but also acted as writer, producer and Director of the project. Due to the sudden death, the work was never completed, then in the Director’s chair sat Robert Clouse, who previously worked with Lee on “enter the dragon”. Robert almost completely rewrote the story, in which hero Bruce Lee also met his death. The picture was also inserted footage from the funeral of actor.

The confluence of fatal circumstances you can call the death of the son of Bruce Lee on the set of the movie”the crow” on March 31, 1993. Was working on the final episodes, when the hero of Brandon Lee had to kill his Nemesis Fanboy by Michael Massey. In a fatal accident in the gun that Michael was shot in Brandon, hit the plug, which, when the blank cartridge was in the belly of the actor and mortally wounded him.

His mother filed a lawsuit against the film company for negligence and won the case. Michael Massey has not been charged with any crime, but it did not save him from a prolonged depression. Out of respect for the Lee family murder scene was photographed with the participation of the alternate.


Marlon Brando and Christian Devi Brando

The mother of actor Marlon Brando suffered from alcoholism and died because of his addiction. An alcoholic and a drug addict was the first wife of actor, actress, Anna Kashfi. Their son, Christian Devi Brando, also dependent on drugs, shot and killed the boyfriend of his sister Charity,daughter of Brando and his third wife. After serving in prison for 5 years, he died from pneumonia at 49. She Tarita, who has developed schizophrenia, hanged himself in 25 years.


Maurizio Gucci and Patrizia Reggiani,

The history of the dynasty Gucci has one loud and tragic death, which gave rise to the legend about the curse. 45-year-old Maurizio Gucci, the grandson of the House founder, Guccio Gucci, was shot to death in March 1995 in the centre of Milan. At first suspicion fell on the Italian mafia, but the customer of murder was deceived wife of the heir, Patricia Reggiani, which Maurizio had changed with a young girl. Patricia was afraid that marrying a mistress, a cheater will leave you without the inheritance of her two daughters. Patrizia was sentenced to 29 years in prison. At the end of the period the woman offered to “knock off time” for public works, to which she replied: “I’d rather laze in prison than work for freedom. Never done and not going to.” But the curse is not affected neither eccentric widow or her daughters, who received his inheritance, and the lawyers who took up the cause of Patricia during numerous appeals. Everyone who touched the documents, began to suffer from rashes, headaches, nausea. Skeptics claim that blame the usual microbes proliferated on old papers, but superstitious lawyers still afraid to examine the case Gucci.

The Romanovs

Emperor Nicholas II with family

Curse of the Royal family of the Romanovs is a historical legend connected with the murder of a three year old son of Marina Mnishek, the wife of two Falsdmitry (impostors, posing as the son of Ivan the terrible, Dmitry, who died in youth). Son of false Dmitry II, Ivan Varenok, were executed (in order to avoid rebellion in the future) when in 1613 to the Kingdom was elected Mikhail Romanov, the founder of the clan. According to legend Mnishek predicted that the killings in the family will continue until all the Romanovs did not die.

In fact, men of the sort were not different strong health. Sam Michael, who died at 49 years old, was weak and the last years of his life he moved in the chair. Of his 10 children, six died in infancy and childhood. His heir Alexei had 16 children. None of the 10 daughters of the king are not married (however, three of the girls died in childhood, and three sons, lived up to the period of his reign, in the end, we survived only Peter I (his elder brother Theodore A. died at the age of 20 without an heir, and Ivan V, who inherited the throne at the same time Peter died 30 years). Peter, as you know, they arrested his son for treason, and he died in prison. Thus Peter himself left himself without an heir, ushering in the era of Palace coups. 19th century in the history of the Romanov family began with the regicide: the son of Catherine II, Paul was beaten to death by officers in his Palace. His successor, Alexander I, though not participated in the conspiracy, but knew about the plans to overthrow his father.

Alexander I died without leaving an heir (the Emperor was born only two daughters who died in childhood), and the throne occupied by his brother Nicholas I, whose son, Emperor Alexander II was killed by terrorists (on the site of the explosion in St. Petersburg, his son Alexander III constructed the Church of the Savior on Blood). Alexander III, like many men of the kind, did not live up to 50 years, and the fate of his son Nicholas II was known…

Part of the curse is called and a number of coincidences: the history of the genus began with the coronation of Mikhail at the Ipatiev monastery in Kostroma, and ended in the Ipatiev house in Ekaterinburg, where the Bolsheviks shot the Royal family. Also, the race began and ended with Michael (it is known that Nicholas signed his abdication in favor of his younger brother Michael, who, in turn, has finally left the throne in favor of the Provisional government). Materials

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