November 5, 2016

Did you know that the juice of green leaves of useful plants – both cultural and wild is a treasure of natural vitamins and minerals, and their compounds? To get the juice from them, it is necessary herbs to grind (e.g., a grinder) in order to be able to squeeze from it the valuable liquid. And this, of course, is connected with certain difficulties. I tried to get the juice from the leaves of a dandelion, but a daily thing, it could not be.

Green smoothie “Chlorophyll”

When I thought about green smoothies, I realized that the kitchen needed a blender. Can you imagine how many variants of useful recipes of cocktails from greens you can think of! Blender is a wonderful kitchen appliances — you can drink these smoothies every day!

A green smoothie based on curdled milk

As a useful greens you can use green onions, green leaf cabbage, spinach, parsley, dill, cilantro, and sorrel, celery, lettuce and rhubarb.
Wild herbs contain the nutrients and they need to use in cocktails is mandatory, even if there is a lot of its “cultural” greens. Collect dandelion leaves, nettle, plantain. Very useful greens quinoa and goutweed.

There are many options to extract useful substances from herbs.

  • Grind the herbs in water and wring out the juice
  • Grind the herbs in water and drink “with pulp”
  • Grind the greens in sour milk products and drink smoothies

I want to offer a recipe of green cocktail “Chlorophyll” on the basis of curdled milk. Yogurt you can make at home simple by ripening or by using a milk mushroom, you can buy in the store ready. Yogurt can be replaced with kefir or unsweetened yogurt.

Green smoothie “Chlorophyll” with cucumber

In season cucumbers cannot be limited to just leafy greens. Cucumber in my recipe plays probably a major role. He’s also green and, in addition, very juicy!

Green smoothie “Chlorophyll”

  • – 2-3 cucumber grind in a blender. I use blender and chop cucumber plastics directly into the pitcher
  • – Add the yogurt and finely chopped green onions
  • – Pour yogurt, put finely chopped parsley, dill
  • – Add salt to taste. You can add ground flax seed, turmeric, ginger is super useful supplements!
  • – Pour all the yogurt and turn on the blender
  • – Make a thick, delicious smoothie which can be a separate dish for dinner. I don’t know what’s in the glass of calories, but for fasting days fit in full!
  • – A cocktail can be served with meat and fish dishes, boiled potatoes.

In addition to the recipe of Green cocktail “Chlorophyll” will give several useful properties of the products used.

What is most useful in cucumber?

In cucumbers found a substance all over the table.
The most interesting benefit, as it seemed to me that the cucumber contains a lot of iodine! This is an important trace element essential for thyroid function, and hence the health of the whole organism. Unlike the Japanese, we have no seaweed, but all who have a garden, grow cucumbers. In cucumber season, the population consumed a huge amount of this healthful vegetable and even more it is rolled into banks.

  • – Cucumbers are high in potassium. It promotes circulation of fluid in the body. Necessary for normal functioning of the cardiovascular system.
  • Cucumber consists mostly of water. Cucumber juice is a natural , created by nature fluid, which dissolved all the nutrients. Drinking cucumber juice revitalizes every organ, every cell in our body, cleanses, nourishes, and strengthens the immune system.
  • – An important trace mineral — zinc -too in cucumbers. Eating a few cucumbers a day, you can replenish the consumption of the zinc, to improve the functioning of the retina, liver, kidneys. By and large, the zinc is needed by all bodies.
  • That’s a handy yogurt!
  • It is noteworthy that the protein from sour-milk products is absorbed by the body easier than from whole milk. This is facilitated by the enzymes secreted lactic acid bacteria.
  • – Sour milk is recommended for children and dietary food.
  • – In the process of fermentation, the milk becomes richer In b vitamins and natural antibiotics.
  • – Yogurt improves fat digestion of food. Appreciate all who desire to lose weight.
  • – A positive eating yogurt for healthy cardiovascular system, lower blood sugar, to improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Here’s a recommendation to the proposed recipe of greens. Hope you will be happy with this information. After all, summer is in full swing — time to drink green smoothies every day!

I wish you a culinary success on the health of you and your family!

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