Journalists reported by Ksenia Sobchak, on the fifth month of pregnancy

July 1, 2016

In mass media appeared information that the TV presenter is five months pregnant and will give birth to the firstborn in October.

News about the pregnancy of 34-year-old Ksenia Sobchak became one of the most talked about Jun. Photographers literally hunted for a celebrity to get the frame, confirming her interesting position. But the TV presenter decided to go with my friends to Italy to escape Intrusive paparazzi and the press.

However, after the return of celebrity home in the Russian media appeared information about the fact that Ksenia is on the fifth month of pregnancy and give birth to a first child in October. This is the website referring to the words of close friends Sobchak and her husband Maxim Vitorgan. Despite the abundance of rumors, neither the presenter nor her husband did not comment on the situation.

However, on the page of a celebrity in Instagram every day there are new photos in which she is depicted in the postures, not allowing to see her rounded tummy. In addition, she lately prefers the clothes of a free cut and flat shoes, and it is uncharacteristic. Apparently, Sobchak is now for the comfort, not fashion trends.

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