Journalists report about the illness of Leonid Yakubovich

August 17, 2016

According to media reports, 71-year-old actor is seriously ill and undergoing treatment in Germany.

The permanent host of the program “Field of Miracles” on the First channel Leonid Yakubovich has not appeared in the society pages. He wasn’t present at the landmark event for the Russian cinema, which was organized in the summer of Kinotavr and MIFF. In addition, the artist had to play in the new play “the Last Aztec”, which show at the theater “School of modern play”. However, health problems prevented Yakubovich get to work in the play.

This became known from the theatre’s artistic Director Iosif reichelgaus, who commented on the lack of celebrities on stage. “Partner Tatiana Vedeneyeva was supposed to be Leonid Yakubovich. And before the closing of last season, we all gathered together, as at a table, discussed the figure of the play, the characters. It was planned that the 4 of September we will play the premiere of a new composition. But life has made adjustments. Leonid Arkadievich became seriously ill and now is on treatment in Germany. I am constantly in touch with him, I hope that everything will be fine” – quoted Raihelgauz “StarHit”.

However, neither Mr Abramovich, nor his family about the illness of the presenter, not misleading. The official representative of the artist Anatoly told the press that by Yakubovich everything is in order and worry about it not worth it. According to the man, a celebrity lives a full life and often plays tennis. However, the rumors about the deteriorating health leading to increasingly appear in the media. And gossips claim that they are not groundless.

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