Jennifer aniston says why he took the ashes of his mother

August 20, 2016

About the conflict of Hollywood actress with her mother Nancy Dow has long been known. It seems that not even death forced her daughter to forgive mother.Press is discussing the ambiguous action star – she refused to pick up the ashes of the deceased.

May 25 at the age of 79 years died, the mother of actress Jennifer aniston Nancy Dow. The exact cause of death is unknown, but the last few years the woman was sick, and in 2011 and 2012 experienced a stroke. Media reported that a few months before the death of the woman lost the ability to speak and move.

Learning that her life is not long, Nancy asked the daughter to visit her in the hospital, but she was adamant. Their meeting never took place. The mother of the famous actress bequeathed to cremate after the death of his body. Will women was done and the urn with her ashes was requested to transmit only daughter. However, the stewards received a categorical denial from aniston. As the portal In touch, the actress is motivated by the fact that it is difficult for her to keep the ashes of his late mother.

Note, the conflict of the actress with her mother lasts for over ten years. There is a version that Nancy DOE blamed Jen for the fact that after the birth of her own acting career did not work out and gave the girl insecurities and fears. According to another version, aniston held her anger for a scandalous memoir “Mother, daughter, friend: memories,” which opened the unpleasant side of life Jennifer. Daughter thought it was a betrayal snapped all contact with his mother and even invited her to her wedding to brad pitt in 2000.

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