July 2, 2016

Aspic with chicken and pork legs so delicious, moderately thick and very cold. Cook it a pleasure, the recipe is not expensive, and the taste and appearance awakens the appetite.

A delicious jelly can be served on weekdays, and on holidays, as it has an unusual filling with peas, and garnished with carrots and herbs that will surely attract attention and surprise with its delicate and rich taste.

For preparation you need to take:

• Large chicken breast, 1 PC.

• Pork legs 2 PCs.

• Salt, Bay leaf

• Garlic, Bay leaf

For decoration:

• Carrots, peas

• Parsley or dill

For preparation take a large pot of 5 liters, at desire it is possible even more. Breast rinse, but do not remove the skin, it will give the broth flavor and needed fat content. Legs cleaned, hooves cut off, and all is well rinse to avoid small bones into the broth.

Arrange the meat in a pot of water, put on a large fire. As soon as the jelly is boiling, add salt and pepper with the Bay leaf. Cook at least 6 hours on a very low flame with the lid closed to maximize the broth left in the pot.

Meanwhile, put the carrots uvarivaetsja, it should be well cleaned from the ground, and better be cleaned up immediately. It is necessary to cook until fully cooked but not overcook, so she’s not falling apart on the Board.

The passage of time, take boiled meat with legs on a plate and let cool. While the meat will cool down, prepare a deep dish or salad bowl. On the bottom put the peas, squeeze of garlic and garnish with slices of boiled carrots.

Breast apart, bones discarded along with the skin, cut the meat into small pieces and put all the plates. Pig’s feet, also disassembled, bones discarded, remaining meat cut and put in a dish with aspic.

Strain the broth through a sieve to exclude small bones, and at the same time to lighten it. Try before pouring the broth for salt, keep in mind that in the jelly it will be much less salty. So better add few salt when in doubt. Pour it on the plates, see that it was enough for the whole jelly.

Wash the greens, and divide by the leaves of parsley, place a few leaves in each bowl for decoration. But don’t get carried away, otherwise the jelly will taste bitter. Dill will do the same.

Let cool the aspic, then remove it on all night in the fridge, that’s all, chicken aspic with pork legs ready, you can serve it on the table.

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