Jasmine’s husband, accused of embezzling a billion euros, was sent under house arrest

August 8, 2016

The singer told fans that her husband is at home with his family.

In June, appeared in the media news about the arrest of the husband of the singer the Jasmine Ilan Shor, a Moldovan whom the Procurator accused of financial fraud and the loss of more than one billion euros. Then it was reported that the man was detained pending investigation for a period of 30 days. The actress, who recently became a mother for the third time, responded immediately to the incident and published a Frank post on the authorities of Moldova, which noted that her husband had not committed a crime and soon the truth will become available to everyone.

After these incidents on the fate of the men did not know anything. But apparently the investigation had come to an end, and the shore was temporarily released from prison. The Agency “RIA Novosti” reported that the 5th Aug Ilana by the decision of the Appeals chamber of Chisinau was placed under house arrest. Now he is at home and not in prison anti-corruption center.

Photo published by Jasmin (@jasminshor) Aug 6 2016 6:15 PDT

Overjoyed by this news Jasmine, shared the joyous news with his fans. She posted a post in which you said that her husband is close with his family. “I am boundlessly happy that my husband and the father of my children Ilan Shor is finally close to family. We were looking forward to this day together will be there till the final proof of his innocence. My dear, I sincerely thank you for your support and participation. Believe me, I feel it and for me it means a lot. I’m sure the truth is behind us, and that means victory!” – wrote the artist.

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