It’s true: life really can zip before my eyes. Now proven by scientists

January 30, 2017

Writers and Directors so often show us these scenes that it is time to question their reality.

However, this is not creative fiction, and people who tell you about their near-death experiences are not visionaries.
Scientists from Hadassah University in Jerusalem conducted a study of the phenomenon, interviewing and examining people who had experienced this.

It turned out that the effect of short-term-scroll all the memory before the eyes meets a very specific area of the brain.

“For me, time seems to have stopped, I was watching my life from outside of time and space,” says one Respondent.

With minor differences, these memories coincide most of the volunteers who participated in the study. The researchers analyzed situations in which occurred such effect, and found similarities.

In all cases a certain part of the brain received insufficient oxygen because of suffocation, drowning or sudden blood loss. In the other fatal cases, where the nature of the injuries differed, the effect of “all life before eyes” did not arise.

The study allows to conclude that all our lives really are continuously recorded in the brain, as the recordings from the DVR. So, discoveries in this area will allow you to solve memory problems in older people or to reconstruct the events, the witness of which you were unconscious.

According to the materials dailymail Ekaterina Sarycheva

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