It’s never too late. 60-year-old woman first became a mother

October 5, 2016

The doctors said that we should not even hope. Many condemned. But she knew that her boys should be born.

For artificial insemination is usually resorted to couples over the age of 30 a lot of years unsuccessfully trying to conceive. They with the husband were viewed as crazy when they come to the clinic and announced that I wanted to try. Still – age “young parents” was already approaching sixty.

Although the procedure of IVF is successful, the doctors were not encouraging. At this age, little chance to bear a healthy child. But the 60-year-old Claudette cook, no doubt about the success:

“Yes, I’m old. But I knew I was in good shape, and believed that God will not turn away from me.”

The twins Isaac and Isaiah were born on a month early, each weighing just over 2 lbs. Kids and their parents will have to spend a few weeks in the hospital to be under medical supervision. But after first inspection it is already possible to say that the children are healthy and the mother feels great.

This late in the pregnancy may shock many, but really Claudette cook – not the old mother in the world. 70-year-old resident of India at the beginning of this year gave birth to a healthy baby boy after multiple IVF attempts. Nurturing children after 50 is becoming a trend in America due to the prevalence and effectiveness of the extracorporeal insemination procedure.

Critics of this phenomenon say that a woman over 50 is not always able to “energetic” parenthood, supporters argue that it is not their business. Ceasing to listen to those, and other, Claudette cook and her husband as a result became the proud parents of two healthy boys.

“I’m not alone took this decision, these children were given to us from above. No matter what way they came to light, if it was God’s will” – sure Claudette Cooke.


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