July 1, 2016

Easter is the biggest religious holiday of the year. In addition to bright dyed or painted eggs, baked cake be sure your table must be present cheesecake Easter recipe which we will now describe. Without this delicious soft cheese, sour cream, eggs and nuts will not be observed our Russian tradition of celebrating the Day of the Resurrection.

To prepare cottage cheese Easter used plastic collapsible shape – pasochnitsy, symbolizing the coffin of Jesus Christ with the Orthodox cross and the abbreviation of “Christ is Risen”, in the form of these pasochnitsy resemble a truncated pyramid. But if such forms are not in your possession, don’t despair – Easter can be any shape, as long as it does not fall apart in the process taking. Be sure all forms vistalite layer of wet gauze.

Every year there are more recipes for Passover, and prepare it pretty easy. To get a really impressive result, but not sweet syrkovuyu mass you will have to comply with basic rules which are used and are happy to share with us a famous chef.

The rules of cooking cheese Easter

1.The most important rule for cooking every day: to get a good result you have to use good products:

•selectable curd average fat content and grain size, white color and with no acidity;

•sour cream or cream should be quite thick and marketplace;

•try all the products purchased on the market for taste and freshness.

2.To the curd was airy, it needs a few times to wipe through a sieve. For the preparation of the Passover does not need to resort to the help of kitchen appliances – do everything manually and with clear thoughts.

3.The use of dried fruits involves a preliminary soaking in hot water. In Easter cottage cheese do not add fresh or frozen fruit. Nuts before placing in the dough must be dried.

4.To prepare the Passover have for the day of Christ’s Resurrection, so she could stand up under oppression in the refrigerator at least 12 hours.

Recipe Easter chocolate

The combination of white and dark chocolate with cream cheese will make even the most ordinary dishes a true masterpiece, and what can we say about Easter. The best option would be to grate the chocolate on a fine grater, to get the effect of ice cream with chocolate chips. Can also melt the chocolate in a water bath and put all the ingredients layers. As a result, you get striped chocolate Easter Recipe with photos can help you understand the technology of cooking.

You will need:

•cottage cheese – 0.5 kg;

•cream or sour cream – 0.5 l;

•eggs – 3 PCs.;

•butter, softened -100 g;

•sugar – 1 tbsp.;

•chocolate – 1 tile white, 2 – dark;

•vanilla sugar – 1ch.l.;

•nuts, dried fruits;

•toppings: fresh strawberry, raspberry or chocolate sauce, powdered sugar, mint leaves at your discretion.


•cheese triturated through a sieve, add soft butter, stir well;

•the eggs with the sugar whisk until the formation of fluffy foam, and stir the mixture with vanilla cream and sugar;

•in a water bath the egg mass keep for about 10 minutes with constant stirring, bring to a puree and let cool;

•mix all ingredients, divide into three parts and added to each of grated or melted chocolate;

•laid in bed with gauze in the form of layers, closed with gauze on top and put in the fridge on a plate yoke;

•after 12 – 15 hours, gently remove from the mould and decorate.

Easter will be exciting, tender and indescribably delicious. With The Holiday Of Christ’s Resurrection!

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