It was hiding 5 centuries. What is actually written “Domostroy”?

July 2, 2016

Well, not that secret. Just no one bothered to read.

Men who sigh for the blessed days of “Patriarchal despotism”, it would be useful at least once to read the source. Close the book, sigh, and go to wash the dishes, pleased that his wife did not read.

Because this book is not about how “the wife should fear her husband.” Although such excesses there too. This book is about what the skins need to be turned inside out a man to his wife legally, according to the author of “Domostroy” was heard.

All fans Domostroi and pull from a source different quotes and shoved them to the place and out of place, destroying the integrity of the recommendations. Well, sort of good advice?

No no no. Either the pipe, or a jug. Want to live according to the precepts of the 16th century — follow everything literally. Otherwise it will be like trying to teach a pilot of the Jumbo jet” on the “Instruction for trapping hunting with Merlin” — both like about flying?

Went to follow literally.

The wife shouldn’t cook and clean

Seriously? Absolutely. The Domostroi instructs the owner to give orders to the Baker, the cook, the Butler. But she don’t have to cook. Because her husband is either a nobleman or a merchant, and her house is full of servants.

Wife: “Rising from bed, after washing and praying, the servants work all day to indicate, to each his own: who food a day to prepare, and to whom the bread oven sitye or the sieve”.

You look pale, darling? I wanted to live according to the Domostroy – give me a cook, a housekeeper and domestics, maids that clean at home are. And that’s when I’m at home I will “example of the servants to show you.”

The only direct responsibility of the wife to do something with their hands – to spin. Everything else is by default made a servant.

No soccer

And generally no fun for men not provided for: no hunting, no sports, no gambling, not even listening to music or computer games. I wanted to live righteously? On, get.

No drinking and Hiking left

Do not match? I’m sorry, dear, but the Domostroy is not for you.

No treatment

That Appendix got infected? On, dear, Chapter 8 read – only fasting, prayer and repentance. An exhaustive list of conservative treatment. For contacting magicians and herbalists you will have famine, floods, pestilence and fires.

Speaking of post

Dear, I consulted wanted me to punish Butler for lent cook, you will not prompt? Recommended list:

“In lent served: Lenten bread, pressed caviar, sturgeon caviar autumn Yes caviar fresh sturgeon, sterlet caviar, liver of the perch is a simple, porridge with white fish, liver, salmon, porridge with perch, sterlet gruel, gruel with sturgeon, porridge with fresh Beluga, sturgeon liver fresh liver of Beluga salted, dried liver sturgeon and Beluga, sneki Yes sushchik, plasticky crucian Yes yazevoe, eggs boiled. eggs fried, sturgeon Tesco Yes Tesco signaling, vesiga in vinegar, sturgeon barrel, languages raw, sturgeon jerky, Tesco sturgeon, Beluga Tesco, languages Beluga, sturgeon chechenskoy, noodles pea, millet, poppy oil, whole peas Yes, peas shelled, double soup, pancakes Yes, jam tarts or onions, Yes hearth pies with poppy seeds and Yes the jelly sweet and fresh. “

There’s either languages Beluga, or the pea pancakes, your choice. Any deviation from the precepts is not allowed.

Uh, wait!

And if the husband is not the Prince, and himself a common beggar, a middle Manager with a mortgage unpaid, he-what to do? The compiler took care of the families with low income:

Chapter 45. “About the same: when and what to buy for those who have no villages, all sorts of household supplies, summer and winter, and how to stock up for the year, and as home to breed all sorts of cattle, food and drink to keep permanently:
Thrifty person, husband and wife, who have no estates, no arable land, no villages, no fiefdoms, no, the bread and the whole wheat to buy in the winter on the carts, as well as ice cream and meat, fish, any, fresh or otherwise, sturgeon, smoked or in barrels for a year, and Semino, caviar, whitefish, and black, and fresh honey, and the fish caught in the summer, and cabbage”

The list you saw? Sturgeon smoked for a year purchase, and then I’ll see which side you have cap. Although, when my hands are on her hips — I don’t care.

However, even for a poor family mandatory cook: “the wife is economic and a good chef plans a lot of… (ibid)”

Yes, it was a very poor family, and the servants they had even poorer. And the gardener is very poor.

Well, still want to live according to the Domostroy, Yes, “breaking the ribs of her son and his wife to keep at Bay?”
Then welcome to the twenty-first century with the Criminal Code, human rights and juvenile justice.

Okay, okay

Exhale, the beaver, no one Domostroi truly never lived. Neither princes nor merchants, for whom he wrote, nor different unsophisticated inefficiency, which did not read, but heard “something about the Domostroy.
“Domostroy” is political literature, in the spirit of “the Moral code of the Builder of communism.” And we need to understand by whom and for what purpose it was written.

And it was written in order to show the reigning Ivan the terrible wisdom of the author.
“Wouldn’t it be great if citizens could live like I advised”.
The priest Sylvester, author of this work, was not popular even among his contemporaries.
He was not only a boring turd who got all his moralizing, but a fair Palace intriguer.

Tried to unseat Ivan the terrible, was promoted to the throne of the cousin of Grozny, was accused of involvement in the death of the tsarina Anastasia. When the circuit with the replacement of the terrible his brother did not work, began to drip on the brain Ivan Vasilyevich, how to run the country. On a spiritual mentor.
Was tired of all their movements so much that he was exiled to a monastery, where the quiet and died.

Now therefore, the “Domostroi” place on the same shelf with the same thoughtful and useful books, like:
– “Manual of piety” cardinal Richelieu
– “How to choose a good wife” by Gilles de Rais (Blue Beard)
– “Negotiating skill” authored Bun ( in the wording of Foxes, second edition, revised)

By the way, and you’ve already sent in a cellar the girl with the sturgeon? March 8, after all, women’s day.

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