It is possible not to pay. 10 functions of home appliances that you do not use

October 27, 2016

Trying to surprise us and interest, the appliance manufacturers often offer us devices with so many extra options that even to remember them is difficult, not to mention how to use in everyday life. The price of the device itself increases, and we don’t even think whether we need all these buttons and programs. Let’s see, for that you should not pay.

Vacuum cleaner

First of all you need to pay attention to the suction power and good maneuverability (wheels). For larger apartments and houses important length of cord, and younger – compactness (to make it easy to store).
To buy vacuum bags for the dust container or dust collector is a matter of taste, the quality of cleaning is not affected. The difference is that the bags will need to regularly purchase, and a container to shake, which is not very nice.
Many Housewives like when the device is on the head of a special blade that cuts the tangled on the brush hairs.
If the apartment bright painted walls, you will need a vacuum cleaner with a rubber bumper around the perimeter to avoid scratches and dark bands.

What not to spend money

Vacuum cleaner with air flavoring: questionable function. The fragrance will evaporate at best a few hours after harvest.
Glossy or transparent body: Beautiful, only when the vacuum cleaner is new, and then enjoy the dust and dirt that will certainly accumulate inside.
Vacuum cleaner with the function of wash: if you forget or you do not have enough time to wash as it should a vacuum cleaner after cleaning, there will be unpleasant smell.
It is better to wash the floors after cleaning dry a good MOP than to spend time cleaning a dirty container.
Extra tips: in fact you need only three. Versatile, you vacuum the floor, furniture – for furniture and crevice for hard to reach places.

Washing machine

The choice of cars is often affected by its size. Therefore, engineers manufacturers are fighting for every inch, trying to create a model of compact dimensions with a roomy drum. So look for a middle ground – it’s already there. In addition to size, an important class of energy efficiency. A+ is the best choice.
Really easy programs quick wash (it can last from 15 minutes to 50) and delayed start (when you need to clothes were washed by a certain time).


Extra programs: it is not the number of the proposed programs, and the ability to adjust the temperature of the water in the wash and the number of revolutions during the spin cycle. If such a function is (and it is almost all modern cars), any program you can ask yourself. Everything else: jeans, children’s clothes, dark and light clothing is nothing like the options the set temperature and speed laid in memory of the washing machine.
Function steam wash: wash at 90 degrees to cope not worse, but the machine with this feature will be in a different price segment.
Machine with dryer: good for washing down jackets and pillows, they become fluffy, and you will not need to break your hands sticky clumps of feathers. And good for those who just have nowhere to hang clothes after washing. Washing machines with this feature are two times more expensive and to pay for electricity will have more.


Since the fridge is on constantly, it is important to pay attention to the energy class.
Choosing the size of the refrigerator, think about whether you need huge and spacious, if you are doing large purchases for a month, and buy products every day just to have dinner.
Of useful features that are not all models, it is possible to note the presence of a special internal coating and carbon filters that absorb odors. And also beep on bad the door closed.


Built-in ice maker: is needed only for those who can not imagine their life without cold drinks. In other cases, the conventional molds for ice, which will not occupy much space in the freezer.
The function of Vitamin Plus: with this feature fruits and vegetables is additionally filled with vitamin C, it should retain their useful properties and extend the shelf life. The only question is: what to do when the supply of vitamin C will be exhausted?
Additional containers and shelves: often unnecessary, because occupy valuable space and hinder to put in the refrigerator large pots.
Remote control: appliances with access to the Internet – a new fashion trend that enthusiastically develop many manufacturers. Perhaps in the near future, the ability to control appliances from a smartphone would be vitally needed, but while it is possible to do without it.


The most commonly used program quick wash (40 mins), so its presence is necessary. Well as convenient program which rinses the dishes without detergent (tablets). If the dish is small, can quickly rinse (15 minutes) and leave in the car until there are enough for a full cycle.


Many additional programs: usually 4-6. Color screen with a graphical user interface is beautiful, but the quality of washing dishes is not affected.

Remote control: (a smartphone, etc.)

Energy efficiency class A++: .The cost of this dishwasher will be undoubtedly higher, but if you don’t wash dishes several times a day, the energy savings would not be significant.

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