Irina Saltykov was criticized for a passionate kiss on the lips from daughter

August 18, 2016

The singer showed how passionately kisses an adult daughter on the lips. Fans of the celebrity, sharply criticized her act.

50-year-old Irina Saltykova is an active user of social networks. In its pages often appear pictures in skimpy outfits that emphasize the dignity of a slender and toned figure of the artist. And her pictures from the beach, where she is depicted in a bikini, and it captivated fans of celebrity, noting that a celebrity looks 20 years younger.

Despite its openness, Irina rarely indulges subscribers pictures of their loved ones people. But recently she made an exception and showed the 28-year-old daughter Alice. Star mom published online a photograph of them with the heiress to a passionate kiss on the lips. Most fans of this frame seemed to be “immoral”, and they vigorously criticized the act Saltykova, comparing it to the Love of the assumption, which has also recently stunned the public a candid kiss on the lips with his adult heir.

“I thought that this girl Irina…”, “Irina, excuse me, but this is too much”, “How can the children in lip kiss?”, “Everyone has their own cockroaches. In Saltykova and the assumption they seem to make friends!))) Love, too, boasted a similar picture with my daughter,” wrote the indignant users (spelling and punctuation of the author saved. — Approx. ed.). However, some of the subscribers was supported by Irina, noting that between mother and children always present a special bond that cannot be condemned.

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