Irina Bogushevskaya: “the Main objective of moms is to teach our son to live without mommy.”

January 19, 2017

Irina Bogushevskaya is a singer, actress, songwriter, stunningly beautiful and talented woman. 28 Yanvarev hall “Orchestrion” Irina will act with the concert program “Children’s Playground”. Statement of charity: you funds will be transferred to the Fund “Volunteers in aid to children-orphans”.

TO Irina, excuse me, the first question from our loving edition you: why do you never recover? Want the secret!

Irina Bogushevskaya: Thank you for your kind words, loving the editors! I wanted to answer that the know-how I have, but is not suitable for everyone: you have to sing live all the concerts itself from start to finish, not hiding behind lots of guests. But really, it’s time to admit: Yes, all my life I take care of myself. Do not sit on the exotic diets, just follow a few guidelines. First, start the morning with a glass of warm water with honey. And all day drink a lot of water, but sugary sodas do not drink at all. Second, never read the paper! If chewing and looking at the screen, there is always a risk to get carried away, missing the moment when the saturation has come, and to pick up the excess. And third, if done eating, leave the plate, even if it remained deflope. As a child I ate poorly, I was constantly forced to eat and it was painful. So, maybe it’s just my protest, but nevertheless: no more violent thadani and no extra calories! society of clean plates is no more, hurrah! If you are somewhere dumped a huge portion – no, you don’t have to waste away.

Well, last secret – a lot of movement. On a regular basis. I walk a lot. In the summer, when possible, as often as possible ride, and in the middle of the season cost gymnastics and combine different practices. My perfect morning starts with qigong movements, then doing a mix of track and field warm-up and stretching, and finish again quiet qigong.

TO: Well, the second, no less brazen: how do you manage to always be so stylish? It is by nature? From the parents? Work on yourself?

IB: thanks again for the compliment, nice to hear. Starting at the stage of Student theater MSU, where we carefully studied the films of Bob Fosse, I immediately fell in love with the cabaret style. Then, when my A. F. Sklar made the program “Strange songs of Vertinsky,” I sewed for her first evening dress — a white couple – and since then the coat in all its variations remains my favorite overalls. My tailors have come up with many modifications: lengthened his shelves and coat-tails, combined satin with knit… Well, my casual style is minimalism with bright accents of accessories, for example, my favorite shawls Hermes; leopards and straziki – not mine. I’m not that fashionista, is meticulously selected from all the sea of things that is right for me. I am my own trend. For example, in 2010 at a photo shoot for the album “Silk” tsnelisi in a silk slip dress to the floor and billowing silk shirts that have delivered themselves from designer boutiques to the fabulous island of Bali, and this season they prevailed on the catwalk at the Terekhova – and in dozens of collections. Fashion comes and goes, but style remains.

TO How the appearance of women in tune with her inner spirit?

IB: on the one hand, our appearance reflects the internal state and on the other hand, is very affected! one time I watched “Fashion verdict”, I really liked how the editors of the programme had transformed his heroines. The good news: changing your image can really do wonders for the inner spirit.

TO: What was the last year for your entire family? Interesting what happened to everyone?

IB: 2016 began with my big concert in Riga and winter ballooning over the snowy Sigulda and it was very, very nice start. Can’t say that for my team it was some particularly outstanding or breakthrough year, we kept our usual pace, pretty much played, in the fall released a new program called “Embracing the wind”, went to a festival in Montenegro, started to rehearse my author’s children’s songs… My astrologer warned that from 2015 and 16th you shouldn’t expect much – so I just enjoyed what are, and accumulating power. On may day, before my concerts in tel Aviv, we went for family horse trek in the North of Israel. Insanely beautiful landscapes, well-broken horses, a lot of impressions, but the weather is not very lucky because on may 1, suddenly came the heat of 36 degrees. But what happiness it was to relax in camp by the icy spring. And last summer my dream came true: I started regularly riding already with the coach, and together we rode my favorite three year old horse that my husband gave me a newborn foal. It was an exciting process – all seen in westerns, like cowboys fly with unbroken horses? I, of course, the first time was afraid to sit on it, although some weeks we worked her on the lunge. But it turned out that the girl completely trusts us and is more than terrible trying! It was a hot summer and we worked with her early in the morning, and then released to walk in the herd – but every night she persistently came to the stables, stood there alone in the paddock and waited for her call again to school. And it was awfully touching.

TO: As for you personally starts this year? What has already happen? Anything special expected?

IB: in the New year my younger son gave us as a surprise and a terrible cough temperature at 38.8 – so it was the home a holiday. From a sick child can’t leave it to yourself no one will call, the eldest son, too, out of solidarity has remained with us, so we are all together honestly done Olivier and herring under a fur coat, set up the TV (before that he was with us a few years stood as furniture) and together with the whole country met this new date. All travel was canceled, recovered son vacation so his hands finally reached the books and TV series, which season never have enough time. I also honed their culinary skills, and grateful Zriteli I was inspired by the exploits.

Conceived this year, a lot of things, but now, because there was a chance especially to experience the saying “Wanna hear God laugh? Tell him about your plans”, nothing to advertise is not going to. I can only say that new material for a solo adult and two children’s album I have completely ready. And orchestral arrangements on my 20 songs ready program, which we already showed in the Tchaikovsky Hall and House of Music, are the Maestro Vyacheslav Serzhanova and wait for the record. And I’m waiting like the bodlivy the cow until I get roditelniy set.

TO: You make a wish under the chiming clock? Drink the ash with a glass of champagne? What you usually wish for?

IB: No, I have another ritual. I like to make wishes when decorating the Christmas tree. Take in hand, for example, angel kept his focus, and then ask him: “guard our house”. Big glittering heart – love at home was. Jingle bells – music came up, and so on. The tree is magical, when in the evening then light it, remember it all, and again adjusted on the good.

TO: do you have new year’s resolutions? I promised myself this year?

IB: I’m kind of spontaneous things happen, on schedule. Although in December suddenly had the idea “and if I do the dancing?” Saw on Facebook someone’s video, and really wanted to go to learn from a competent coach. Left it as something to cram into the schedule. And I want to put on inhuman experiment and to get off coffee. I’m a coffee maniac, I morning need a strong dose. And it’s a real addiction, and any addiction is bad. That was interesting, I survive without coffee or not? I really wanted directly from the 1 January start, but so far the experiment has been delayed and delayed .

TO: What is the most interesting goal you had in life? And if all goals have been achieved?

IB: I’ve now started thinking and realized I have almost no goals, I have always had dreams and intentions. And almost all dreams have come true. In my childhood I wanted to sing in the Kremlin – and did it already many times, and at the recital, and compilations. Wanted to sing as the Lyubov Orlova – she performed the role of Anna in the musical “Jolly fellows”. Dreamed my cousin when we were 10-12 years old, she is about their own kennel, and I’m talking about the stable – and now she has a kennel of Yorkies, Sasha and horses… the Goal can be put when you are sure that your process depends on you, for example: learn the language and teach. And I have all the creative processes depend, first, on a large number of participants, and secondly of the will of the universe of expensive, you can still call her “circumstances”. And they change! And if I set a goal “to record a new album by such and such date” – I would have already gone crazy would, because, for example, recording the album “Silk” took us in total two years. A “Doll” we recorded quickly, and then could not produce. No, I do not set goals, I formulate an intention and begin to act but always willing to listen to life. And she often makes its own adjustments.

TO: You help Fund “Volunteers in aid to children-orphans” – why?

IB: Yeah, we 28 th January to play in the hall “Orchestrion” our favorite children’s concert program “Children’s Playground”: this is a funny and kind childrens songs, on stage, in addition to me, are the authors Andrey Usachev and Alexander Pinegin and my band, the best in Moscow. The composition is great: drums, bass, guitar, flute, clarinet and piano. We have two offices for 45 minutes, the children participate in the concert: sing along, guess our riddles, cause rain or storm, and sometimes bark, Moo and meow in this fun event. We play for free, the entire collection is given to the Fund. Why?

Because they to us are turned once, and because I knew about this Fund, which is a large structure that they are working for a long time, and I knew they have a good reputation. Reputation is a very important thing in philanthropy, perhaps the most important. Because, unfortunately, there are scammers who prey on the most Holy things: sympathy to the grief and willingness to help. Therefore, it is important to understand that the people who you are, roughly speaking, take their money, spend them to help. “Volunteers” came to us with a proposal, and then I consulted with our partners and musicians. Know have 10 people in the project, and nobody fortress. I have something she can go out to play free – but their music I can’t oblige to do it: all people, adults, family, all children, someone’s mortgage… fortunately, all immediately answered “Yes”, we chose the date. Now I really hope that the hall will be all sold because the money will go to good use.

TO: Which will be devoted to the concert?

IB: It’s just our next children’s concert; we play them for five years quite regularly and the same full squad that have recorded two children’s albums, “Playground number 1” and # 2. And this concert different from all others only in that the entire fee we pay to Fund it and then dispose of these funds at its discretion. They have many programs and a lot of players, and I absolutely trust these people.

TO the Foundation helps mothers who wanted to abandon their children. In society’s attitude to such projects so far is: why do we need to support these cuckoos? How do you explain why need it?

IB: the Fund generally, as far as I know, is struggling with orphanhood as such, it deals not only with the prevention of failures, but also helps those children who still were left without families. In our country, the objectors and orphans is a big big issue. This investigation and material problems, and damage to some of the moral foundations of the people at heart and some of the life tragedies that result in unwanted children. To judge whether these mothers… look, when I gave birth to my first son, I was lying in the ward young beautiful woman who gave birth to a wonderful blue-eyed daughter. When a child is carried away after feeding, she turned away to the wall and just lay there for hours, no one spoke. And no it did not come. And then she escaped through a bathroom window in your nightgown and robe – in the month of February it was. Can I blame her? I am so sorry for this child – and its a pity too, the enemy would not wish such a fate. I know nothing about her: who she is, where this child was if they where to live, what to live… Maybe if the hospital worked with volunteers of the organization, if somebody would offer her help if she had someone to count on – this girl grew up with mom. Yes, the Foundation certainly is doing a very good deed.

TO Your sons know something about the social problems in society? I wonder if they do?

IB: you Know, when I see a note about that in Moscow this year 7 billion rubles will be spent on shifting the tiles, and then I go to his Facebook and see that some of my friends again, calling a spade a spade, begging grandparents for diapers or children for treatment and writes a plaintive posts from the “let’s all make a miracle” – there is a feeling that hell is in the Conservatory it is time for something to fix! So just should not be. There is no charity cannot and should not replace a systematic public approach and we state as could relax and put this burden on such ascetics as Khamatova, Federmesser or Alshanskaya. Maybe you first need to treat the children, and then a third time to shift the tiles? And of course, I shared it with the family. So Yes, sons are aware of what country they live and what happens outside the ring road.

TO: why do you think you will have it sons? Is there any kind of Providence?

IB: they Say that the sons born of strong women, and daughters – have a strong men. Don’t know how to treat this .

TO have you better understand men, because of the fact that you are the mother of boys? What is the most important thing to understand about men with children?

IB: Men, oddly enough, is to listen – then they simply have no choice but to take responsibility.

We, urban, active and self-sufficient women, accustomed to make all the decisions yourself, and that is the man in this situation? Just lie on the sofa. I once read a whole article on this subject and tried to apply this knowledge in practice. I myself quite independent, and begin to obey my husband I was terribly hard! But in the end we both liked. I liked that next to the strong man can afford to be weak. And his way of life and liked to be responsible for everything, and he happily returned to this role after many battles with me for this reason. As for the education of sons, to quote one of my wise friend: “the Main objective of moms is to teach our son to live without mommy.” Simply subscribe.

TO: What is most important about love would you tell your children? The three main rules? Warnings? Advice?

IB: unfortunately, we are unable to pass on to children their experience, they have to go through it all alone. They will have to take all decisions and to fill all cones. If you come and ask for advice, OK, then I will say: true love is two for one, and this cannot be confused, and everything else is from the evil one.

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