Irina Bezrukova: “I have no plates in my life is not broke. Maybe it was necessary?”

November 15, 2016

For a long time she was in the shadow of a famous husband. So you felt was right. Today one of the most beautiful Russian Actresses again removed a lot and waiting for roles in movies about love.

I was born in the Soviet time, sincerely believed that they live in the best country, and I have the best childhood. Liked that it was always in the team, we’re friendly, we do everything together. Growing up without gadgets, but read books and walked a lot. Twice a day, from her window someone’s mother shouted, “Alex, go watch cartoons!” – and all ran to the first TV. In six years, first appeared in the pioneer camp. At first confused: have to take a bar of soap and go to wash, not to forget to brush my teeth, no one in the camp let me remind you how the house. And then picked it up and found that it’s great, too: Hiking, songs around the campfire.

Another of the memories: birthdays, which was all prepared with his own hands – from salads to cake “Napoleon”. With their hands made gifts, painted postcards.

My sister was inspired by my mom. Like many women at that time, nothing she could bake a cake, knit a sweater or sew a dress. Mom deliciously prepared, beautifully lay the table, bring comfort in the house. My sister and I are the same age, were born for each other, and she was unable to go to graduate school, worked as a medical assistant. Worked a lot, but at the same time was near, and it is fortunate that she raised us. Remember how he went to the village to the grandmother, we went to the river, had picnics…

Mother died at age 38. I was eleven, but I still perfectly remember her. It was very emotional, could erupt, and then just as quickly depart. In this we are different, my character is more calm. But apparently I look like my mom. And some habits we are the same. For example, my mother was always elegant outfits, always manicured hands, I also pay attention to the hands, try not to go outside without gloves, you never forget to apply the cream or a manicure, I’m sure from my mom.

Today I’m older mom. Your age feel depending on the mood. In 20 years there were days when I didn’t like, and it wasn’t about age. It all depends on the company, which came from the atmosphere. There are friends with whom you forget how old you are, just you are you, and the numbers are not significant.

I have a friend, age she could be a grandmother, but I can not think of how old she is, it’s just inappropriate. She lives in the thick of things, she all the time some festivals, events. She is active as mercury, and it is right: live as you feel.

The same thing about the age difference between a man and a woman, no matter in what direction. One psychologist said: imagine a prehistoric time, a cave no one has a passport… you Know, half the problem immediately disappears. Just a man attracted to a woman, and then it only how harmoniously they interact with each other.

Recently, once again amazed at how many on the streets of Europe couples of Mature age. Absolutely gray-haired, walking, holding hands, hugging, touching penicaut. Women embellished plastic surgery, with conventional figures, i.e. with the so-called flaws, and while they’re laughing, they’re happy.

Sadly, in our country, adults who are holding hands, are rare. Brought up: to show each other tenderness and care in public – is not accepted.

There are stereotypes, and people often get stuck in them. They are “turn your head” and think this is not necessary and this is not accepted… can a Person a lifetime to spend on it to fit someone else’s ideas, and finally understand that he was not happy with someone not met, something new to learn tried.

I’m trying to work with stereotypes. When people ask me what I do, the answer is: work on yourself. Happens, live and think, but this idea that you have in mind, where she from childhood? From society? From the parents? And in this moment I realize I don’t know where I am? But as I think?

It is important to distinguish what you actually need from what you impose.

Take the clothes. Every three months change the collection, and if you’re not the trend, “all is lost”. But we understand: a man does not need as much as we are trying to sell. The same applies to looks. The cult of the endless perfection of face, body. What we previously thought dimples on the Pope, now referred to as cellulite. Industry is pushing for perfectionism. But there are people who are so well maintained that it is close to the ideal, and they are not happy and loved. So what’s the point?

I like stories about love. One of my favorites – “a man and a woman,” a laconic film, but it is clear what is happening between people. It would be nice for the producers to think about: most of the audience of cinema – teenagers and women who lead their men or girlfriends to watch the melodrama. And if the repertoire for the first all more or less in order, but for women movies is not enough. Love, relationships – that’s what should be removed and that’s what I want to do.

Especially interesting is a different era, when you can move to another cultural layer, where they speak another language, call each other on you and in the most difficult moments do not throw pans. Though passion boil the same. In the play “Endless April” our theatre where I’m working right now, events are taking place in 1924. It has an interesting – a very different mode of existence.

I love playing love stories. I know that some Actresses have it hard, don’t know why: it’s in women’s nature, feelings, romance. When I was eighteen, one of my fellow adult dropped a phrase that I will remember for a lifetime. He was a handsome man about thirty years old (old to me then). Charming, philanderer, ladies its elderly” age was very passionate about. And he said, “Ira, do you know what novel is the best?” The word “novel,” I hesitate went all red spots and somehow managed a “What?” He replied “Cancelled”. When you feel to someone, the chemistry is better and so the save does not translate to the relationship. Because then, these relationships are breaking down or are not so… But if we keep it on the level of flair, after a time, at any meeting you have this feeling again arise. It’s the same with partners. Like each other – well, on the sensations leave it at that.

I was lucky with partners. Never has there been such that the person with whom I played opposite, was repulsive or unpleasant behaved.

Recently, with Konstantin Lavronenko did a wonderful job. His character doesn’t want any relationship, but my character supposedly wants. Why is she deceiving him, it will be clear later, but at first she struggled pretends to love. This story. And I love the animation of voice, but from me never leave. The voice is that long will allow to articulate and toddlers, and mice, and princesses…

The area that I have mastered recently is Teplokommunenergo for blind viewers. Scoring what’s happening on the screen or on the stage in between the dialogue. A change of action, new characters, horses, changing weather – how to understand it, if there is no replica?

My friend Diana Gurtskaya once suggested to make titlecommercial to our film “Real fairy tale”. I began to understand what it is, went to study at the faculty which trains specialists for work with people with special needs. We were taught how to comment, to make it clear to the man, blind from birth, because the visual images they have available. And now this is my profession.

Two years ago we introduced Teplokommunenergo in our theatre. For the first time in Russia. Until we have such specialists, not more than 25 people in the whole country.

In the Provincial theatre I lead a team of commentators. We take the text themselves was a whole month, many times looking the same play. Comment on only in the pauses, and the complexity of theatre work is that different actors play in different ways, some say faster, someone slower, someone long pause, someone shorter, and have time to build a replica. And blind the viewer gets a small earpiece and hears everything that we say into the microphone.

Feel need. People who first listen play, admire, thank you. At this point, understand that make them happy. The most strict audience – our teacher, totally blind since birth. He comes and says, “No, that phrase must be replaced, because the words “light up the shade” a blind person can decide what started the fire.” Many subtle nuances.

Once at the film premiere for the blind, which was the Minister of culture Medinsky, Diana Gurtskaya five minutes played in the spirit that while the government is asleep, in the Provincial theater, thanks to Irina Bezrukovoj, blind adults and children are already “watching” performances. We hope our experience will claim a lot of theatres in Russia. The interest is already there.

Try not to regret what is past. In the Spielberg film “Spy bridge” one man in a critical situation looks very calm. He said: “are You not worried?” He says: “what would it have helped?”

Here I am on this principle home: why to do that and nothing changes? Dwelling on the past, worry that could have something to do and not do if it is impossible to change, it makes no sense.

Say that I give the impression of a balanced person. Yes, I weighed. Still, I am human, and emotional moments I’ve had. Although any plates in life is not broke.

Maybe it was necessary?

I really try to behave in hands, even when especially swing, looking for pain points. Do not shout or respond with negativity to negativity. However, sometimes it is happening to me in a dream – that’s where I give myself the will, swearing like in the market, sharply and loudly to someone something to pronounce, to bring a claim. Apparently my subconscious relieves tension. Wake up and think: well, it was all only a dream.

What is the correct man for woman? What a ruler we measure and what scale put? If a woman knows what man she needs and she met him, what happens next is this: she relaxes. In a good way relax: feels like a woman. If this is “her” man, he gives her to feel her value. Makes it clear to her that she’s the only one.

Every woman wants to hear the word “single”, right? Self-esteem grows, because if a man is harmonious, held, it is unlikely he will be at the expense of women to assert themselves.

I think that when you meet “those” a man and a woman, it makes her happy. And he, too, everything is going better than without it – career or other achievements. There is East a metaphor: the woman – earth, man – sprout. If the soil is rocky, and the shoots calenici. And if a woman, her energy, her heart, love her care – all this works as the black soil, and grows a great sprout. Most importantly: do not confuse the role of the male and female. Allow yourself to be vulnerable, sometimes weak. A woman should not be afraid to be a woman. Workaholism, for example, no good for us. For men load – incentive to move forward. And women need breaks, time to gather the energy, because we have to share it. A galloping horse to stop and go into a burning house needs a man. A woman can do it in exceptional circumstances, when something threatens her husband, her child… But actually, the man should be allowed to stay a real man.

Strength is a masculine quality. As a woman, I now often write in “Facebook”, “Instagram” that I was strong. I think people genuinely want to believe that I will cope with the situation. I want to support, show participation and respect. I appreciate them, and if I have a free moment, for example, when I go to the theatre or on business, stuck in traffic, respond to their messages, thank you.

Last year I got serious rhythm. Now the proposal goes beyond the offer, and they are all interesting and useful. A lot of work in the theater, many everyday things to do… And spring.

Remember how Mowgli runs through the jungle and can’t understand what’s wrong with him, “What’s wrong with me? “– “Spring!” In the spring I am more romantic. Awaken the most tender feelings. I was born in the spring, in April, and for me each spring revival.

I love my birthday. I was lucky, I got creative environment, they speak the words that creates a special mood. And there are always people you forgot or don’t think at the moment, and suddenly they sign – up some old friends, classmates… Congratulations, I wish you a lot of good. It is very nice. Spring inspires me. Every morning I try to start to imagine how good and exciting it can be this day. Daily try to learn something new. Now once again improve your English – recently held a charity ball in Luxembourg in favour of the Russian children with autoimmune diseases. For me, this language situation is a challenge many difficult medical terms, which is necessary not just to read but to understand. And we can say that their successes I’m happy.

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